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Announcing the 2013 European Championships for Warhammer: Invasion


This year, one of the world’s largest tournaments for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game will carry more prestige than ever… Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that Assault on Wroclaw, one of the most popular gatherings for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, will host the game’s 2013 European Championship tournament! This April 27th – 28th, players will carry their siege engines to the Castle Cultural Centre in Wroclaw, where they will battle for the fate of the Old World. The skirmishes are sure to be fast and ferocious, driven to the battlefield by the wealth of new deck types inspired by the Eternal War cycle and the most recent tournament rules and FAQ. In the end, only one Champion will emerge victorious from the chaos of war, and in addition to all the event’s accolades and custom prizes, this Champion will win the coolest prize in gaming – the chance to work with the game’s designers to create a Champion Card and forever stamp his legend upon the game! Tournament organizer, Przemyslaw Zub offers more information about the event.

Assault on Wroclaw – Warhammer: Invasion European Championships Dark days are coming… You hear the Calling. It invites you to set forth upon yet another expedition. It invites you to draw your sword, chant your next spell, and devise new tactics to outwit your enemy. The Calling leads you to an ancient city. A city of rulers and mockery. A citadel of arbiters and martyrdom. A fortress of bards and conquerors… Countless legends tell of riches torn from dragons (and somehow from the Dwarfs). These legends have attracted adventurers for years, but only a few of them survived the maze of traps, defeated the powerful guards at the city’s center, reached out, and seized their rewards!One song tells of a woman, a brave warrior, who lead a band of renegade dwarves who managed to plant their banner on the top of the city’s tallest tower. Another relates the story of a young man who, not so long ago, crept into the city like the morning mist with his devilish intrigues and Dark Elves and became its ruler… The songs, the bards, and an empty place in the Hall of Heroes awaits the city’s next legend, the one who will heed the Calling and seize his glory in this famous struggle for the Old World! Dark days are coming… The Twin Tailed Comet fell somewhere in the areas of Kislev It is a sign of coming war. Launch your assault now! Who knows what awaits us next? Who can predict the fate of the world? Do not hesitate. Assault on Wroclaw calls!

I am pleased and honored to invite you to the next installment of Assault on Wroclaw, the tournament that has become a legend on the Warhammer: Invasion stage. As usual, this event will be the Polish Regional Championship. More importantly, Assault on Wroclaw will also be the 2013 European Championship, and I hope that it will beat all previous editions for turnout, level, and satisfaction. We are expecting seventy to ninety players, so come on! Be a part of this great event! Our tournament venue is the beautiful, old castle in Lesnica, Wroclaw. We have a whole dungeon to our disposition, to play Warhammer: Invasion, talk, and enjoy post-tournament camaraderie. You can find more details below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected].

Assault on Wroclaw Date:                April 27th – 28th, 2013 Location:             Castle Cultural Centre         pl. John’s 1         54-076 Wroclaw Awards:    

  •         Assault on Wroclaw Trophy 2013 (for the winner)
  •         Regional Champion Trophy 2013
  •         World Championship Weekend ticket
  •         Unique Assault on Wroclaw fan-made Capital Boards for each player
  •         Roughly twenty board and card games
  •         Two Regionals 2013 stoneware mugs
  •         Eight Full-color Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game playmats   
  •         Sixteen sets of six double-sided Regionals-exclusive Capital Cards
  •         One “prize Ruins” playmat or deck box from the FFG archives for the last-place player
  •         Books from Warhammer world


  •         The 2013 European Champion earns the right to work with the game’s developers to design a card for future play!

For any other questions, concerns, or information related to Assault on Wroclaw and the 2013 Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game European Championships, please email Przemyslaw Zub at [email protected].

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