The Ruinous Hordes Thunder into Battle

The Fifth Battle Pack of the Eternal War Cycle Is Now Available


“The numberless hordes that live under the shadow of Chaos are stirred from their continual raiding and infighting, their differences put aside as their gods call them to war […] It is at these times that the world is in its greatest danger, for the united tribes are a force unparalleled in strength and ferocity by any civilized nation.”     –Warhammer: Storm of Chaos

Prepare for the fight of your lives! The gods of Chaos have called their minions to war, and the united tribes are now poised to strike. The Ruinous Hordes, the fifth Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at local retailers and online through our website!

Will the other races be prepared for the next surge of Chaos? Whether or not they will prove sufficient, each of the races gains new units and tactics to control the flow of combat within the sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) of The Ruinous Hordes. The new tactics, Knights, War Machines, and Nobles arriving in the Battle Pack allow the forces of Order to mount a renewed defense against the forces of Destruction. Still, the forces of Destruction crash forward in waves of their own. The Orcs can afford their sacrifices, but the Dark Elves prefer to make their foes sacrifice their own.

Meanwhile, The Ruinous Hordes stirs the forces of Chaos into a frenzy. From the waste lands of the north, they prepare to sweep across the Old World, bathing it in blood, with their new units, new legend, and new mission.

Chaos and Corruption

Over the course of the Eternal War cycle, each of the game’s six races gains a number of new types of cards that are bound to see play at all levels, from casual play to top-tier competitions. In The Ruinous Hordes, the disciples of Chaos blast into the evolving battlefield with four of these new card types:

The new Chaos legend, Sigvald the Magnificent (The Ruinous Hordes, 81), shares the same Forced ability as the cycle’s other legends: “When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game.” As with each of the cycle’s other legends, though, Sigvald’s low cost and powerful secondary ability go a long way toward offsetting the penalty to the victory condition. When Sigvald attacks, his controller can discard the top card of his deck to increase the damage Sigvald deals in combat by +X where X equals the discarded card’s cost. A blind, random boost suits the nature of the forces of Chaos, but you can also “cheat” the blind boost by peeking with the Lord of Change (March of the Damned, 21), stacking your deck with expensive Spells or Epic Spells with P’tarix (Vessel of the Winds, 73), or by using other deck manipulation effects.

The forces of Chaos receive the cheap support and power the cycle promised them with Northern Wastes (The Ruinous Hordes, 83). With the recent erratum applied to Warpstone Excavation (Core Set, 116), limiting it to one per deck, the game’s races have more incentive than ever to look to their own units and supports for early acceleration, and supports like Northern Wastes may prove to be the key to victory on the game’s newest and bloodiest battlefields.

While the other races focus on setting traps with the cycle’s new Ambush keyword, the forces of Chaos focus, instead, on tearing down all that the others have created. The battlefield tactics that others build up, the forces of Chaos tear down. The Empire wants to create an Ambush? The Norse Charger (The Ruinous Hordes, 84) can examine its developments and rip its Ambush card out of the zone before the Empire ever gets the chance. Brute strength and devious cunning – it’s the Chaos way!

Finally, the minions of Chaos may be a fractious and quarrelsome lot, but when united by their gods, they are a nearly unstoppable force, advancing their dark gods agendas on multiple fronts at once. While some disciples spread pestilence, blister the battlefield with magic, and swing their blades to give blood to the blood god, others are more insidious, working within the realms of their enemies to sow corruption. They are every bit as likely to bring ruin to the other races as their more violent allies, and if left unchecked on their mission, their efforts may lead to the Dominion of Chaos (The Ruinous Hordes, 82).

New Battles Today!

The new cards from the Eternal War cycle have made the battlefield a truly frenzied and tumultuous place. Ferocious warriors on all sides vie for survival and control of the Old World. Now, with the release of The Ruinous Hordes, the forces of Chaos launch a powerful surge, and the other races scramble to prepare their defenses.

Head to your local retailer today, or visit our webstore, to pick up your copy of The Ruinous Hordes!

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