1 March 2013 | Relic

Prove Your Worth to the Imperium

A Preview of Missions, Relics, and Scenarios in Relic



The release of Relic is less than three weeks away! In this upcoming board game set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000, heroes from the Imperium of Mankind have been sent to secure a Warp rift that has opened in the Antian Sector. The Imperium is trying to coordinate the efforts of their emissaries as best it can when faced with such tremendous opposition, and each hero must prove his mettle before being given access to the area immediately surrounding this pestilent portal into the Immaterium.

In today's preview, we’ll examine the tasks that these stalwart servants of the Emperor may be assigned in order to prove themselves, the rewards of loyalty, and how these powerful champions might win the day against all odds.

Mission Cards

Though each of these heroes has come to the Antian Sector to secure the Warp rift and its surrounding space, they have also been given additional tasks to complete in the area. A grievous problem like a tear in the fabric of reality itself is not to be taken lightly, and the Imperium must know that the heroes sent to the Antian Sector are up to the task before entrusting them with the most powerful tools they can provide.

Mission Cards are orders from the Imperium to deal with certain threats in the Antian Sector. Each player draws one mission card at the beginning of the game, and may draw a new one each time a mission is completed, or if a special effect on a board space or card instructs him to do so.

Some of these threats are simply a matter of destroying the enemy by whatever means necessary. The Imperium may order you to confront and defeat Ork forces in battle by issuing you an order to Stop the Waaagh! Perhaps you must Liberate the Forge World of the Omnissiah after it falls under attack by unknown assailants. Your mission may also simply require you to Take Initiative and start killing as many enemies of the Imperium as possible.

Not all the enemies of humanity are xenos or horrifying mutants. All members of the Imperium of Mankind must remain vigilant for heresy. If your superiors have warned you to Watch Your Back, you may be given authority to confiscate some goods from a fellow champion. Perhaps you’ll be asked to Find the Traitor, allowing you to mark a fellow hero in order to uncover evidence of his corruption and confront him with the harsh consequences of his actions.

Whether you are fighting xenos or informing the Imperium of heresy, success in these missions will prove your loyalty to the Emperor without question. Once you’ve proven yourself in service to humanity, you can be entrusted with both new tasks and greater power. Completing three missions and turning them in to the Imperium gains you one of the legendary Relics, and opens the way to the Warp rift.


The Imperium has managed to procure items of great power over the millennia, and they do not part with these artifacts lightly. Worthy heroes may be allowed the tools he needs to take on the monumental task of securing the Warp rift’s immediate surroundings. Completing three Missions allows a player to draw two Relic cards. The player must choose one of the two potent items to lend him strength as he wades into the dangerous area surrounding the Warp rift.

The Imperium’s relics come in many forms, and each brings a unique and formidable power to the aid of the champion that possesses it. The Bones of a Fallen Saint can wash your character clean of the taint of the Ruinous Powers by allowing you to discard one Corruption card each turn. The great sword Daemonbane will reinforce your hero’s willpower both in and out of combat. Perhaps you will take on the Ark of Secrets and gain an edge in anticipating the challenges that emerge from the Threat deck.

Any of these venerable objects will mark your hero as a true champion of Mankind, and this badge of loyalty will grant him access to the Inner Region of the board where the Warp rift awaits.

Inner Region and Scenario cards

While players are in the Inner Region, they no longer roll for their movement phase normally. Your hero will progress one space at a time as he approaches the center of this turbulent region, with each space testing his abilities to the utmost. Each space in this region has a difficult test for the brave champions, and they will only advance one space at a time per turn. When first entering the area around the Warp rift, a player has the chance to get his hero ahead a few spaces, but the cost is great.

Simply arriving at the center of the board is not enough to secure the Antian Sector against the forces of Chaos and the xenos that would wreak havoc on the Imperium if left to fester. In many scenarios, there are additional challenges that the Emperor’s champions must overcome. Special Game Rules are featured on some of the scenario cards, and if your champion survives the ordeal of the Inner Region and reaches the center of the board, he must then satisfy the Confrontation section of the scenario card.

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In the Chaos Manufactorum scenario, the heroes must shut down an infernal machine that has been corrupted by Daemonic forces and turned from its once noble task of creating war machines for the Imperium. This monstrous engine belches forth destructive energy, and it must be stopped in order to save the Antian Sector. This effulgence of Daemonic energy forces the players to draw extra Threat cards, and the final Confrontation will test the endurance of even the toughest of humanity’s champions.

Will you be the hero that conquers the challenges of the Antian Sector? Can you secure the area around the turbulent tear in reality that spews forth horrors from the Immaterium? Look for the rules to be posted next week, and discover if you have what it takes to deliver the Antian Sector safely into the hands of the Emperor in Relic!


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