9 December 2013 | BattleLore

Battle Training

Download the Reference Book for BattleLore Second Edition


The fantasy realm of Terrinoth resounds with the song of battle as the Daqan Lords clash with the barbaric hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan. Recently, we’ve explored various aspects of BattleLore Second Edition, culminating with a preview of lore and a preview focused on the different abilities of every unit in the game.

Last week, we posted the rulebook for BattleLore Second Edition, which introduces the rules necessary for playing a game. Certain game situations, however, require additional clarification. If you still have questions about your BattleLore experience, look no further. The reference book for BattleLore is now available for download (pdf, 3.5MB) on the support page

BattleLore Second Edition will soon be available at local retailers everywhere. Complete your battle training by downloading the reference book, and preorder BattleLore today!

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