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Enter the Unknown is Now Available

Enter the Unknown, the first rules supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire ™ is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore. Already, you have experienced the grim realities of life at the Edge of the Empire. Now, it’s time to go even further into the most dangerous reaches of the galaxy. It’s time to Enter the Unknown. This first rules supplement for Edge of the Empire expands the Explorer career with specializations, new talents, and more. All players will find new character, vehicle, and equipment options, which will aid in their experiences at the Edge of the Empire. GMs will gain new tools to use in crafting exciting and memorable adventures. Enter the Unknown covers the Explorer career, and gives it some exciting new options. Because of Edge of the Empire’s flexible character advancement system, these options are useful for nearly any character. First and foremost, the career gains three new specializations: the Archeologist, Big Game Hunter, and Driver. Each of these specializations gives new or existing Explorer characters additional choices including several brand-new talents. On top of that, this book adds new options for backgrounds, Obligations, and Motivations, all based on the themes of exploration, hunting, and trade.

Enter the Unknown also contains new equipment and vehicles necessary for any character braving the wilder parts of the galaxy. Vehicles such as the the KV swoop help characters journey into the unexplored, while weapons such as the E-11s sniper rifle and the huntsman vibrospear help them survive it. Along with this, a whole suite of gear for any situation makes Enter the Unknown an extremely useful part of any adventurer's collection.

Purchase Enter the Unknown from your local retailer or our webstore today, and prepare to discover more of what lies at the edges of the Empire. The time has come to Enter the Unknown.


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