5 December 2013 | Arkham Horror Fiction

A First Look at The Sign of Glaaki

Preview the First Chapter of The Sign of Glaaki

“Heavy footsteps echoed on the iron deck behind him as two men struggled with the burden they carried between them. Here be monsters, Tom thought, not turning his back on the water. He only had eyes for the fog and the things he thought he imagined within it. The pair worked in silence, shifting the weight of the long box as they shuffled toward the prow. The light from Tom’s lantern barely reached them. There was no one else on the deck to witness what they were doing. They couldn’t have hoped for better conditions for this kind of work; on a clear moonlit night there would have been passengers taking a turn around the deck, suitors smiling at the ladies in their sheer dresses, dancing in the moonlight, and widows looking out toward the new life they hoped to make for themselves come landfall. Not tonight.

The pair paused, adjusting their grip and lifting the box smoothly up so it rested on the guardrail. Tom didn’t feel the need to watch the coffin slip over the side. There was a splash, itself swallowed by the fog as the sea swallowed it. The heavy iron sea door clanged closed.” -The Sign of Glaaki

Recently, we announced The Sign of Glaaki, an all new standalone novel, written by internationally bestselling authors Steven Savile and Steven Lockley. The Sign of Glaaki pits escape artist Harry Houdini and author Dennis Wheatley, alongside a cast of familiar characters from the Arkham Horror universe, against ancient evil.

Preview the First Chapter

When an actress is brutally murdered on the set of a high-profile horror film, the list of suspects seems endless. After all, the movie’s ambitious young director has assembled an unsavory cast of circus folk and misfits, any one of whom might have committed the vile act. But when other bodies begin to appear, it becomes clear that someone – or something – far more sinister than a mere murderer is clearly at work.

Now, one of the twentieth century’s most influential authors will team up with history’s greatest escape artist as they navigate the secrets and supernatural horrors of the small New England town of Dunwich! Preview the first chapter of The Sign of Glaaki (pdf, 18.1 MB). Then, keep checking back for more news and previews for the upcoming novel, The Sign of Glaaki!



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