23 December 2013 | Talisman

The Nether Realm

A New Expansion for Talisman is Now Available


The Nether Realm, a new expansion for Talisman is now available at your local retailer and through our webstore! The Nether Realm was designed by Jon New, the man behind the Talisman-dedicated fansite, Talisman Island. Jon is one of Talisman’s biggest fans, and he has been a big supporter of the Talisman fan community for many years. It has been great to partner with him on The Nether Realm expansion.

The Nether Realm offers three new Alternative Endings for Talisman, along with new Nether cards, which are used with the Pandora's Box Alternatvie Ending. When playing with this Alternative Ending, the first player to reach the Crown of Command unleashes the power of the Nether Realm against his rivals, drawing Nether cards and using them against the other players.

These deadly Nether cards attack your opponents in a variety of ways, forcing them to do battle with horrifying creatures and deadly sorcerers. If your Nether Realm minions vanquish your rivals, your victory will be complete. But if even one opponent survives your assault, you are dragged down to the Nether Realm yourself, leaving another player to claim the Crown of Command. For more on The Nether Realm, here’s expansion designer Jon New:

A Word From the Developer

As a long-time fan of Talisman, I was very excited, and extremely proud, to be asked to come up with a design for an expansion for the game.   The Nether Realm was born from an idea to bring up to date one of Talisman's classic Endings - Pandora's Box. Rather than using the Adventure and Spell decks as a means to try and defeat your opponents, I felt a deadlier assortment of cards would be necessary. After all, there is only so much damage you can inflict with a Bag of Gold and a Healing spell!   After scouring the various decks from the game, a number of the more interesting denizens of the Talisman world were selected. Some of these are quite weak Enemies, but in the right circumstances they can be quite devastating.   Then came the task of developing some new, equally devastating encounters.   I wanted to keep the idea of using Spells for the Ending, and this was done using the "Chanters". These are dark magic users whose spells can reach the far reaches of any region that they are found in.   There are Enemies that can change form on a die roll, and those that are immune from the effects of your hard-won items.   Fate also plays a part in this expansion, being helpful against some of the larger foes found in the Nether deck, but it could also prove to be your downfall.   The expansion adds two further Endings to the game, which also use the Nether deck to great effect. The Hunt pits characters against each other and the deck in a race to collect trophies from the Nether Realm, while The Gauntlet adds to the challenge of the Inner Region and the race for the Crown of Command!

Thanks Jon!

Journey through the realm of Talisman on your quest for the Crown of Command but beware the new Nether Deck enemies that seek to thwart your plans. Purchase The Nether Realm expansion for Talisman today - and be sure to check back here - and on Talisman Island for more Talisman news!


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