13 December 2013 | BattleLore

The Clash of Arms

Watch a Video Trailer of BattleLore Second Edition


The armies of Terrinoth march the road to war, and BattleLore Second Edition is available at retailers near you! In this two-player board game of unit-based battles in Terrinoth, you become the commander of a fantasy army, controlling the noble and disciplined Daqan Lords, or the ferocious and deadly Uthuk Y’llan. No matter which army you lead, every turn you must order your units into the fray, battling enemy units and claiming victory points from vital banners.

March To War

Over the past weeks, we’ve examined various aspects of BattleLore Second Edition in detail, including unit special abilities, the power of lore, and the intricacies of combat. Explore the enthralling story, high-stakes combat, and battlefield tactics of BattleLore in the video trailer below!

The climatic battles and intense battlefield tactics of BattleLore will shake the realm of Terrinoth to its core. Prepare for the tramp of marching armies by downloading the BattleLore rulebook and reference book from the support page, and pick up your copy of BattleLore at your local retailer today!

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