26 November 2013 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Hidden Kingdoms Is Now Available

The Final Reinforcements for Warhammer: Invasion Have Arrived


“Amid the darkness and horror of a world splintering apart, the armies of the true creators, we who were ancient at the dawn of time, will march forth once more. We shall sweep away all that is chaos and disorder, for ours is the true path, and none shall defy us.”     –Translation from ancient plaques attributed to Venerable Lord Kroak

Four new armies march to war, and the Old World will never be the same!

The Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

In Hidden Kingdoms, four of the game’s neutral races take new life as full-fledged, playable races. The Lizardmen of Lustria, the Wood Elves of Athel Loren, the Undead of Sylvania, and the subterranean Skaven all arrive ready for war, backed by the full support of new capitals and legends, as well as intimidating regiments of new units, supports, and tactics.

With its 172 cards (including four capital cards and the maximum legal number of fifty-five different player cards), Hidden Kingdoms does more than simply add powerful new abilities to existing strategies, it carves out new play space for each of its four neutral races. The result is a deluxe expansion that introduces four playable races every bit as unique and flavorful as those from the Core Set.

The Final Reinforcements

The release of the Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion marks the end of FFG’s development of new content for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. Its new legends and units lead the game to an exciting balance between ten playable races, and they will be the game’s final reinforcements.

Over the past four years of publication, Warhammer: Invasion has grown from the Core Set to include five deluxe expansions, thirty-six Battle Packs, and dynamic rules for multiplayer Cataclysm games. This wealth of content provides a great, robust experience for new and veteran players alike, and it allows the game to stand on its own as a complete collection that players can explore and enjoy.

Now, we conclude our development of the game with pride in what we have accomplished. This also means that Organized Play for Warhammer: Invasion will come to a close with the current Season Three 2013 Game Night Kits. Still, we know know fans will continue to enjoy the game, and the Core Set and its expansions will remain in print. Players will be able to lead their favorite armies into the Old World’s many battle at any time.

We believe that Hidden Kingdoms is a strong conclusion to the game. It now allows players to field new armies built from four of their favorite Warhammer races, and we feel its final reinforcements add a tremendous depth to the game that should make it a rich and rewarding experience for years to come.

Four New Armies Rally for War

In our previews, we’ve already explored the new ways in which the Wood Elves seek to draw upon the mystical strength of their ancient forest home, and we saw how the Undead legend, Count Vlad von Carstein (Hidden Kingdoms, 28), ensures his army grows stronger the more the battlefields are littered with corpses.

Now that Hidden Kingdoms is available, it’s time to turn away from previews and look at how you might use its cards in your games. Thus, we’re pleased to present a deck list by guest writer Torsten Krämer that explores the Savage new options available to the Lizardmen of Lustria:

With the release of Hidden Kingdoms, the Lizardmen are now a playable race, capable of launching devastating early attacks with powerful, new units and a legend that is an offensive powerhouse. Meanwhile, the Lizardmen retain their aptitude for unit control thanks to the Savage keyword and their capital’s ability, and their new Pyramid supports enhance these strengths. So let's see how a new Lizardmen deck might use these tools to conquer the Old World…

Units: 3 Chameleon Stalker (Hidden Kingdoms, 3) 3 Skinks of Sotek 3 Spawn of Itzl 3 Spawn of Sotek (Hidden Kingdoms, 4) 2 Chakax 3 Saurus Oldblood (Hidden Kingdoms, 5) 3 Frenzied Carnosaur (Hidden Kingdoms, 2) 2 Deadly Salamander 2 Carnosaur Rider 2 Loqtza

Legend: 3 Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar (Hidden Kingdoms, 1)

Tactics: 3 Born Predators 2 Cube of Darkness 2 Shield of the Gods 2 Ruination of Cities (Hidden Kingdoms, 9)

Quests: 2 Guardians of the Gods

Supports: 3 Sun Temple of Chotec (Hidden Kingdoms, 7) 3 Blood Shrine of Sotek 2 Ziggurat of Quetli (Hidden Kingdoms, 8) 2 Great Temple of Tlazcotl (Hidden Kingdoms, 6)

This deck can set up quickly with the Chameleon Stalker and Sun Temple of Chotec, then put massive early pressure on your opponent with a second turn Frenzied Carnosaur or Kroq-Gar. Should you find yourself forced into a longer game, you can exert considerable control over your opponent thanks to Savage, the Skinks and Spawns, Loqtza (March of the Damned, 37), and tactics like Born Predators (March of the Damned, 41) and Cube of Darkness (Karaz-a-Karak, 77). The display of the Slann's might, Ruination of Cities (Hidden Kingdoms, 9), is expensive, but it can win you the game.

If you're willing to make thematic sacrifices, your Lizardmen army can easily benefit from the inclusion of other neutral cards, from classics like Contested Village (Core Set, 111) to the new Corb Polybog (Hidden Kingdoms, 37), and you might also find it very worthwhile to branch out and include Wood Elf or core faction cards. But whether or not they look for the support of others, the Lizardmen of Hidden Kingdoms are a force to be feared!

No One Is Truly Neutral

Warhammer: Invasion is full of battle-scarred units, heroic legends, and ancient animosities. Now, with Hidden Kingdoms, the game’s four primary neutral races need no longer ally themselves to other races and their causes. It is time for the Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Skaven, and Undead to muster their own forces and strike out in their own bids for dominion of the Old World!

Hidden Kingdoms is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore. Again, we thank you for your support and hope you continue to enjoy your battles in the Old World for years to come!

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