Grand Opening

Join Us November 1st for the Grand Opening of the Fantasy Flight Games Center

November 1, 2013 we invite you to join us for the grand opening of the new Fantasy Flight Games Center (1975 W. County Rd B2, Roseville, MN 55113)!

From 5 PM until midnight, come see what the Fantasy Flight Games Center is all about. We’ve been working for months to increase and improve our available gaming space, we’ve added a new café that serves a full menu of food and drinks, and we’ve stocked up our retail store. Now, we want you to join us as we show off all the ways that our new, expanded Games Center will allow us to better communicate our love of hobby games!

Click on the image above for a virtual tour (QuickTime, 17.1 MB).

Enjoy Samples from Our Café

Join us early to sample a selection of items from our new café menu. While supplies last, we’ll hand out free samples of our café food, as well as a selection of fine beverages. The full menu and all our beverages will also be available for purchase. However, you have to be twenty-one or older to purchase any of our beer or wine offerings.

A look at some of our fresh bakery items

Browse Our Retail Space

The Fantasy Flight Games Center retail store is all stocked up on the hottest games!

Naturally, the Games Center is an excellent place to pick up all the latest FFG games and expansions, such as The Kingsguard Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game and the Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack for X-Wing, but we’re also a full-line retailer with a wide array of products from Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wiz-Kids, and many other publishers.

We keep up to date with nearly all of the industry’s hottest titles, and we encourage you to browse our selection!

Play Games

Our expanded game space comfortably seats more than one-hundred players, and our event space, which will be open, allows us to host hundreds more.

Miniatures players, you can look forward to playing your games on our custom terrain. Whether you want to wage your next X-Wing™ dogfight over the surface of the Death Star or lay siege to the imposing fortress we’ve built specifically for your Warhammer 40,000 battles, our tables are always available to members, and we’ll have them on display and available during our grand opening event.

Want an epic battlefront for your games of Warhammer 40,000?

Another view of this awesome table!

Of course, you’ll also be free to enjoy your favorite games all evening long, and the evening’s games will kick off a busy month. At the Fantasy Flight Games Center, we’re hitting the ground running!

  • Tomorrow, we’re hosting the Plugged-in Tour for Android: Netrunner, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll find players practicing their skills as both Runner and Corp.
  • In less than a week, from November 7th – 10th, we open our doors and event space for the FFG World Championship Weekend. Our grand opening event is a good time to get in some more practice with your top X-Wing™ squad or your best deck for any of our competitive LCGs®.
  • After we wrap up our World Championships, we’ll be calling down the Ancients for Arkham Nights 2013, the weekend of November 16th – 17th. You can get a head start on your investigation tonight by playing a friendly game of Arkham Horror or Elder Sign.
  • Interested in learning a new game? You and your friends can sample any of the games in our game library for just $3 – free for members!

Another look at some of the games available in our retail store.

The Celebration Begins at Five

At FFG, we love hobby games, and the Fantasy Flight Games Center provides us the opportunity to better share our passion with you. Come for games and samples from our café, mingle with staff members, and talk about your favorite games. Our grand opening celebrations start at 5 PM; we look forward to seeing you!


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