Worlds Pre-Registration Is Now Closed

We Look Forward to Seeing You at the FFG World Championship Weekend

The FFG World Championship Weekend is nearly here!

This four-day gaming weekend is the apex of Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play and an annual high point on the gaming calendar. From November 7th – 10th, you’ll find world-class competition in six different games, fun and relaxing side events, chances to challenge FFG staff members, and opportunities to meet some of the best and most enthusiastic players in your favorite games.

This is truly an event that you won’t want to miss. Pre-registration is now closed, but you can still purchase your entry at the door. You just won't receive all the same items as pre-registered attendees.

Updated FAQs and Tournament Rules Now Available

Whether you’re battling for space supremacy, raiding Corporate servers for valuable data, or vying for the Iron Throne, you’ll want to come armed for the FFG World Championship Weekend with all the information now available in our updated FAQs and Tournament Rules.

X-Wing and our Living Card Games® are all dynamic, evolving games, and our developers craft these official rules documents to provide clarity through some of each game’s more complicated interactions. Additionally, when necessary, these documents introduce errata and changes to the tournament legal pool of cards and miniatures.

Each update comes with an introduction from the game’s developers that summarizes and explains the need for all major changes:

The changes introduced in all these updated FAQ and Tournament Rules documents take place immediately and will be in effect throughout the World Championship tournaments at the FFG World Championship Weekend. Download them today to arm yourself with the intel you need to succeed!

Make Your Mark

Whether you aim to conquer the Old World, explore the terrors that lurk just beyond our reality, or confront Darth Vader, the FFG World Championship Weekend is your chance to enjoy four days of glorious gaming. It's also your chance to make your mark on the future of the game you love!

Pre-registration is now closed, but it's not too late to make your plans to attend. Meanwhile, those of you unable to join us in Roseville, MN can look forward to live coverage of our featured events throughout the show. We'll have more details later!

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