18 October 2013 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

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Download the Updated FAQ and Tournament Rules for Warhammer: Invasion


The FFG World Championship Weekend is just three weeks away, which makes this a great time to study the newly updated FAQ (pdf, 4.6 MB) and Tournament Rules (pdf, 5 MB) for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! The Old World is full of danger and battle, but you can maneuver confidently through the battlefield after studying the errata and restricted list contained in these documents.

Click the images below to download the FAQ and Tournament Rules. Then read the developer’s introduction to the biggest changes in Warhammer: Invasion.


Download the updated Tournament Rules (left) and the FAQ (right). 

A Word from the Developers

Hello, Warhammer: Invasion Players!

Now that Cataclysm has been released, the primary focus of this this FAQ was to create a new banned and restricted list for the exciting new multiplayer format. Our goal with these lists was to prevent degenerate multiplayer play, while still providing players with the opportunity to use their favorite cards. The cards on the banned list detract from the multiplayer experience and make the format less fun to play. The restricted list is designed to give players access to some of the game’s most powerful effects, while still making hard choices about which effects are right for their deck.

Other changes to the FAQ include the breaking up of an infinite combo made possible by the cards Doubling of the Guard (The Imperial Throne, 112), Order in Chaos (The Burning of Derricksburg, 18), and Star Crown Fragments (Fragments of Power, 21). This combo could be triggered early in the game and provided a player with infinite card draw via Doubling the Guard, infinite resources with Innovation (Core Set, 119), and infinite indirect damage through Pigeon Bombs (City of Winter, 83). Several of the cards involved in the combo have received the “Limited” keyword to prevent the worst abuses without interrupting the other synergies that these cards offer.

In addition to breaking up unhealthy combos, we have made minor changes to the restricted list to provide players with some new deckbuilding choices. These changes include taking Will of the Electors (Core Set, 44) and Wilhelm of the Osterknacht (The Fall of Karak Grimaz, 25) off the restricted list, and placing Judgement of Verena (Core Set, 49) and Friedrich Hemmler (Redemption of a Mage, 63) on the list. These two cards are extremely powerful and have the ability to swing games in the favor of their controller by their very presence. Players should have to think hard before choosing which card is appropriate for their particular deck. To go along with this adjustment to the restricted list, several cards have received errata to mitigate their overall power level in the game, including: End Times (Faith and Steel, 120), Snotling Invasion (Fragments of Power, 38), and Drakenhof Castle (The Accursed Dead, 56).

This FAQ also includes answers to several questions concerning the multiplayer format to help players enjoy the game!

Brad Andres Lukas Litzsinger

Thanks, guys!

Are you prepared for unending war at FFG World Championship Weekend? Download the updated FAQ and Tournament Rules, and prepare to bring your army to the biggest showdown of the year! 


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