9 January 2013 | Arkham Horror Fiction

Feeders from Within

Announcing an Upcoming Arkham Horror Novel by Peter J. Evans

The hooded man whirled around to Farrow, but the other soldier was faster. He dived past the weapon and grabbed the arm that held it, dragging the cowled murderer off balance. That was all Harrigan saw before the second man was on him, rushing at him out of the dark. Except that it wasn’t a man.

Harrigan let out a cry of horror and twisted away, trying to get the rifle between him and the nightmare surging up at him. It was a tangle of limbs, a blur of snapping claws, a faceless, eyeless tumor of a head covered in pulsing tendrils. Behind it, what he had taken to be a cloak spread up and out like ragged, oozing wings.

Its claws were at his face. Harrigan had the Springfield across his body, just about keeping the thing at bay, but he couldn’t keep it there. The creature was grabbing at the rifle, trying to wrench it aside so it could get to him. In a heartbeat it would have his eyes.

Dark Influences

Fantasy Flight Games is please to announce the upcoming release of Feeders from Within, a novel by Peter J. Evans set in the terrifying world of Arkham Horror!

Something Sinister Plots Beneath the Streets of Arkham, Massachusetts. As ex-soldier Mark Harrigan suffers haunting visions that go well beyond shell shock, psychologist Carolyn Fern begins to suspect a dark influence at work. But when a young woman narrowly escapes her dangerous cult, what she reveals will tear all three of their lives apart, even as it intertwines their destinies forever. Now, with the fate of Arkham – and the world – at stake, these three strangers must come together to face unspeakable horrors from beyond...

Visit our Feeders from Within website to learn more, then look for it early in the second quarter of 2013!


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