25 January 2013 | Relic

Wargear and Power Cards

Arm Your Hero For the Antian Sector in this Preview for Relic


In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a Warp rift can spell disaster for any bit of civilization caught too close to the corruption and creatures that pour forth. In Relic, an adventure board game based on the Talisman system, two to four players each assume the role of a powerful hero and bravely venture forth to shield the Antian Sector from the threats of a newly opened Warp rift. By completing missions and defeating enemies, characters compete to gain rewards and experience, furthering their chance of being the first to defeat whatever evil lies beyond this terrifying hole in reality.

In our last preview, we examined the wide range of threats that the Imperium would need to face and defeat in order to survive in the Antian Sector. In this preview, we’ll be looking at some of the weapons and powers that Mankind will bring to the battlefield. While the heroes of Relic are all fighting for the glory of the Imperium, each one is vying for the chance to be first to succeed in securing the Warp rift. Gathering Wargear and powers is a recipe for getting an edge on both your enemies and your fellow players.

Wargear of the Imperium

The forces of the Imperium of Man have not gone charging blindly into the dark reaches of the Antian Sector. The heroes of Mankind can leverage their influence to gain fearsome Wargear. The arsenal of the Imperium has a wide array of weapons, armor, and other equipment that the heroes can use to fend off those that would threaten Mankind.

Wargear is made for one thing: war. Equipping your hero with the right Wargear can have a range of benefits, potentially providing healing effects, extra options in battle, or a bonus to strength, willpower, or cunning. Toss a Frag Grenade into the fray to roll an extra die in combat. Equip an MK2 Combat Carapace to shrug off the damage from losing a strength challenge. Brandish your Imperial Seal to add a one point bonus to every check against your willpower, or blast your enemies with the Storm Bolter to gain a three point bonus in combat

Influence tokens (left) work as currency in Relic,
and charge tokens (right) represent the number of uses an item has remaining.

As powerful as these items are, they do have their limits. Some weapons and armor have a discrete number of charges. Charge tokens are kept on a card to represent how many charges are left for that item. If a piece of Wargear has charges, then one charge is spent each time that item is used, and the Wargear is discarded when all charges are spent. An overzealous hero may find himself unarmed if he spends all his charges vanquishing lesser enemies.

Power Cards

The heroes sent into the Antian Sector are some of the most powerful forces that the Imperium had to offer in the face of the Warp rift. These members of Mankind are capable of using Power cards in order to better even the odds against the onslaught of enemies and their competitors. These cards are kept hidden from the other players, as some can be used to frustrate the efforts of the other heroes.

Power cards are single-use cards that provide players with two options. The large number at the top of the card can be used to substitute for the roll of a die in movement, combat, or any attribute challenge. If a player isn’t willing to take the chance that his hero might lose an encounter, he can just spend a power card to ensure a certain value.

If you’re feeling lucky and don’t fear the roll of the die, then each Power card also has a special text effect. These one-time use effects can give a hero a tremendous boost, but often have limiting factors that govern when you can utilize their aid. Play Righteous Crusade to take a second turn at the end of your current one, or use the Furious Assault card to double your strength value at the start of a battle. Utilize the Reconnaissance card to look at the top card of each of the Threat decks, or pick up your opponent’s recently used Power card with the Imitate card.

Each character has a Power Limit that defines how many Power cards your hero may possess at any one time. As your heroes level up (which we’ll examine in a later preview), their Power Limit increases, allowing them to have more Power cards ready to use. A well timed Power card, whether it be used for its number value or its special ability, can turn the tide of battle or lend an extra bit of strategy to your game.

Equipping your hero with the proper Wargear and Power cards will be instrumental in your attaining victory over the enemies of Mankind, the Antian Sector, and in gaining more glory than your competitors. Invest your influence and play your Power cards wisely, and you just may win the day. In our next preview, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at two of the mighty heroes in Relic who are trying to save the Antian Sector!


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