2 January 2013 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Captured in the Battle for the Old World

A Warhammer: Invasion Spotlight by Guest Writer Torsten Krämer


While actual slavery is horrible, the slavery theme of the Dark Elves in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game can be rewarding and a lot of fun, sometimes even awesome. What's not to enjoy about taking control of your opponent’s units, even his most powerful Heroes, and turning them against him? Stealing your opponent’s Bloodthirster (Core Set, 92) or Friedrich Hemmler (Redemption of a Mage, 63) can turn the tide of most battles. And the Druchii already have plenty of ways to get slaves. Before the Eternal War cycle, they could take control of units in play or pick them from the discard pile. Now, with the first Battle Pack from Eternal War, the Druchii gain Capture Slaves (Days of Blood, 2), which allows you to fetch units directly out of your opponent’s deck.

What’s Yours Is Mine

But can the Dark Elves ever have enough slaves, or find enough ways to get more slaves? Of course not! The upcoming Battle Pack, Battle for the Old World, will not only bring you a unit that enslaves others after combat, but its Hex, Captured Mind (Battle for the Old World, 57), will ensure your opponent no longer has a safe refuge from your slavers. You will even be able to get at the units in your opponent's hand and make them subject to your will. While you might have to pay a good deal to steal your opponent’s best unit, you still might get it cheaper than your opponent would have, and just as with every other enslavement effect, your power will grow while his dwindles. While cards like Seeking New Slaves (The Silent Forge, 57) often add a little extra spice to deck destruction strategies, Captured Mind might be a good fit for decks that discard your opponent’s hand. It can further reduce your opponent’s hand size – and snatch away that precious unit he tried to shield from your other discard effects.

But you know how it is. While it’s perfectly okay to take your opponent’s units simply so that he can’t have them, sometimes you have to look at your slaves and wonder what good they are. Maybe you start getting the impression that they're useless, just moping about, trying to get their hands on the table scraps you don't feed them. Well, now you can rejoice! The wonderfully flavorful and unique effect of Hag Graef Mine (Battle for the Old World, 58) ensures that you can always benefit from controlling units you don't own. The greater the loyalty they held to their former master before you broke them, the better. Even if you use an effect that lets you control the unit for only one turn, you can still force it to experience a whole lifetime’s worth of misery in that short span of slavery. Send it to fight for you and then have it toil in your mines before you Whip the Slaves (The Burning of Derricksburg, 17) or throw it into the Slave Pen (March of the Damned, 29). Its slavery can lead to some great times!

…Well, not for the unit or your opponent. But definitely for you.

Thanks, Torsten!

What will you do with your enemy as you move to conquer the Old World? Will you force your opponent’s units to work for you with Captured Mind, Hag Graef Mine, and the other Dark Elf tricks from the Eternal War cycle? Look for these cards to arrive to retailers soon; Battle for the Old World is coming!

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