17 January 2013 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Battle for the Old World Begins Anew

Battle for the Old World Is Now Available for Warhammer: Invasion


“Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahuba is a Savage Orc Shaman of mighty mystical powers. Known as da Great Green Prophet, Wurrzag is guided along his path by the greenskin gods. He leads tribes to greatness before wandering off to pursue yet another mad plan to advance Orcish kind.”     –Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins

Across the Old World, old enemies rekindle ancient rivalries and the battlefields erupt into action! Battle for the Old World, the third Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at local retailers and online through our webstore.

Battle for the Old World continues to develop the Eternal War cycle’s focus on dynamic Battlefield phases with its ten battle-ready units, including Rangers, Knights, Warriors, and War Machines. The cycle’s new Ambush keyword receives further development, and new Fortifications and other supports provide the foundation for focused new strategies. Additionally, several new tactics add ammunition for games full of dramatic back-and-forth skirmishes, as does a new greenskin legend.

Goblin Tactics

In Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, players have gotten used to the idea that Goblins are crazy, clever, vengeful, destructive little units who are full of potential that often goes unfulfilled. Units like the Sneaky Git (Signs in the Stars, 64) and Night Goblin Fanatic (Chaos Moon, 24) can launch into legendary murderous tirades, or they can crack utterly in the heat of battle. Others like the Squig Trackers (The Inevitable City, 2) offer hit-or-miss benefits when they enter play. A strong leader may craft his deck to optimize their potential, but even so, sometimes Goblins just won’t cooperate. Such is the way, too, of the Fungusbrew Goblin (The Silent Forge, 10), a unit that offers great early power, but is almost always running helter-skelter into the wrong zone… At least, it will if there actually is a “wrong” zone and your opponent can identify which one that is.

With such a long history of Goblins that offer great potential rewards, but at relatively high risk, perhaps it comes as no surprise that as the Orc faction gains a new high-risk legend, that legend should be a Goblin, Wurrzag (Battle for the Old World, 41).

In the Eternal War cycle, each faction gains a powerful new legend with the text, Forced: When this legend enters play, you must burn 3 zones instead of 2 in order to win for the rest of the game.” When they use any of these Eternal War legends in their deck, players are taking a gamble. Sure, you might be able to stack the odds in your favor, but in order to benefit from the tremendous potential offered by legends that play for only three resources and two loyalty, you must accept that your basic victory condition is increased by fifty percent. Instead of burning two zones, you must burn three. The question is: Is it worth it?

Well, it helps that each of the Eternal War legends offers more than just its ultra-efficient power in each zone; each provides tremendous incentive to attack early…and keep attacking. Wurrzag is no exception, here, as he only gets better with each attack, so long as you have non-Epic Spell Orc tactics in your hand. Of course, if you’re building your deck around Wurrzag, you’ll likely include several copies of Waaagh! (Core Set, 79) and Bash ‘Em! (Chaos Moon, 26), to ensure that you attack hard and often.

In fact, since Wurrzag allows you to play a non-Epic Spell Orc tactic each time you attack, you may be able to chain several Battlefield phases together in a surprising blitz, playing a Bash ‘Em! in the Battlefield phase and then triggering the new quest from Battle for the Old World, Da Great Waaagh! (Battle for the Old World, 42).

The fact that a deck with Wurrzag is likely to string together multiple Battlefield phases makes your Warpstone Experiments (Legends, 48) another tremendously effective tactic. Even though Wurrzag won’t let you play it for free, its effects last until the end of the turn, meaning that your multiple Battlefield phases will help get more mileage from a tactic that already rates among the game’s best rush options.

Now, it’s fair to say that Wurrzag’s ability to enable wave upon wave of attacks in multiple Battlefield phases counts as great potential reward. Is it worth the risk you take by increasing your victory condition? That’s for time to decide…

Just don’t tell the greenskins that; they’re ready to Waaagh!

Get Your Waaagh! On

Get your waaagh! on now! Battle for the Old World is available at your local retailer and online on our webstore.

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