6 September 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

A Portent of Doom is Now Revealed

The Penultimate Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle is Now Available


It is said that whoever brings the Eye before the Gateway of the Old Ones will unleash the hordes of Daemons that are beyond it.     –Warhammer: Champions of Chaos

Portent of Doom, the penultimate Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Bloody war rages across the Old World. Forces of order and Chaos collide in bone-shattering battles. Casualties lie strewn across the battlefields, and as the tide of war swings first one way, then the other, the course of history may be decided by those few individuals tasked with these deadly quests – to find Artefacts of power, to recover them as weapons to be employed in the heat of battle! The sixty cards in Portent of Doom (three copies each of twenty individual cards) further reinforce and advance the focus on quests and Quest zone abilities developed throughout The Bloodquest Cycle.

Warhammer: Invasion players can find their first Portent, the Eye of Sheerian (Portent of Doom, 81), as well as units, support cards, and tactics that hasten questing. You’ll find ways to protect those units you send questing (and others), an Empire unit capable of filching your rivals’ resources, and a fearsome new Chaos legend.

Chaos Unleashed

In earlier previews, we’ve explored how Portent of Doom marks the first appearance of the Skavens’ Council of Thirteen (Portent of Doom, 96), solidifies the High Elves as one of the game’s new contenders, and allows the Orcs to once again break the game’s rules as they pursue new interests in the Quest zone. However, every faction can look forward to new surprises in this Battle Pack, and if the minions of Chaos manage to get their hands on the Eye of Sheerian, they may be able to use it to unleash devastating waves of energy from their native realm.

When he introduced The Bloodquest Cycle, lead developer Lukas Litzsinger mentioned that one of the goals he had for the cycle was to provide quests “with specific goals or specific rewards.” Now, Unstable Flux (Portent of Doom, 99) allows the forces of Chaos to reap the rewards of questing by converting resource tokens into uncancellable damage.

All mages in the Old World cast spells by harnessing the Winds of Magic, but the Eight Winds flow from the Realm of Chaos, and controlling them can cause incredible strain. It can also leave wizards fatally exposed to the temptations of Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, who seduces with offers of power, knowledge, and mastery of the dark arts. Whether as a result of strain or seduction, wizards may lose their control of the Winds of Magic, and the results can be devastating.

While a unit is questing on Unstable Flux, each time a player plays a Spell, the minions of Chaos gain power. Then, once unleashed, an Unstable Flux erupts in multiple directions at once, causing terrible damage to an opponent’s zone, potentially burning it. Of course, the unstable magic roars back at you, too, so you might want to use Xirat’p (Vessel of the Winds, 72) and P’tarix (Vessel of the Winds, 73) to ensure that you can survive the blast. And to ensure that your opponent can’t survive the blast? That’s where the power you can derive from your new Portent of doom, the Eye of Sheerian, comes into play.

The Eye of Sheerian offers tremendous power to those willing to wield it. Will its introduction to the battlefields of the Old World spell doom for one or more of the warring races? Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copy of Portent of Doom, and explore the new deck builds made possible by the Eye of Sheerian and the Battle Pack’s other great cards!

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