4 September 2012 | Infiltration

No Hacking Required

Download the FAQ for Infiltration, Now Available on the Support Page

Good day Infiltration fans! It is with great pleasure that I bring you the FAQ for Infiltration (pdf, 446 KB). This document is broken down into two sections, Errata and Frequently Asked Questions. The errata section is brief, listing only one minor typo that players should be aware of.

The rest of the document contains Frequently Asked Questions. This includes rules that receive further clarity as well as simple explanations about specific game situations. This section also features many questions that you, the players, submitted to us in our forum. We appreciate the feedback and will continue to update this FAQ when needed.

The Infiltration FAQ is now on our support page. We hope that it answers your questions and provides you with a better play experience. Thanks for your continued support!

-Frank Darden, Game Producer

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