1 June 2012 | Infiltration

Start the Heist

Infiltration, a Futuristic Card Game by Donald X. Vaccarino, is Now on Sale

Beneath the flickering glow of the sprawling New Angeles skyline, immense corporations seek every advantage in the burgeoning field of synthetic humanoid technology. On the brink of a revolutionary innovation, CyberSolutions Inc. is poised to become the next global powerhouse, threatening the profits of well-established conglomerates Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki. But unfortunately for CyberSolutions, security at their New Angeles branch has just been compromised.

The target has been selected. The team has been assembled. It’s time to start the heist.

Infiltration, a card game designed by Donald X. Vaccarino (Dominion, Kingdom Builder), is now on sale at your local retailer and our webstore! Set in the dystopian future of Android, Infiltration is a tense card game of futuristic larceny in which two to six players take the roles of thieves, competing to steal valuable secrets from a highly secured corporate facility.

The most vital information lies deep within the complex, but each step inward takes you farther from escape. Worse yet, corporate mercenaries are closing in! How long will you push your luck as you avoid security patrols, surpass rival thieves, and try to download the most data before the building is locked down?

The Best Laid Plans...

At the start of every game, two rows of six cards each are arranged in a “V” formation to abstractly represent the two floors of the CyberSolutions complex. These randomly determined rooms are drawn from Infiltration’s thirty-two room cards, resulting in a new combination and configuration with each new game. What’s more, “second-floor” rooms are designed to be more challenging (and more rewarding) than “first-floor” rooms, ratcheting up the tension in the later rounds of the game.

But how do the thieves move to a new room, and what do they do once they get there? At the beginning of every round, each player chooses a card from his hand to signify his intentions. A player might choose one of his four versatile action cards to move forward or back, download valuable data from his current room, or utilize his environment’s assets. Or, he may choose an item card that he’s found within the CyberSolutions building, which represents a myriad of useful gadgets and surprising tactics.

With its nearly infinite replayability and tense push-your-luck action, Infiltration is perfect for fans of fast-paced card games, the rich dystopian world of Android, or the work of celebrated designer Donald X. Vaccarino. For more on Infiltration, visit our series of previews. Then, head to your local retailer to (legally) acquire your copy today!

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