4 September 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Are Questing Goblins a Portent of Doom?

A Warhammer: Invasion Spotlight by Guest Writer Torsten Krämer


Remember when Warhammer: Invasion players never used quests? Those days are over. Quests old and new have found their way into all kinds of decks, placing the card type on par with other card types, and now quests even form the cornerstones of some of the game’s most powerful strategies. Nowadays every faction knows how to benefit from sending its units on quests. Every faction? Not quite. While it is a bit too early yet to judge the impact of Gathering the Horde (Vessel of the Winds, 78), the Orcs are traditionally the faction least interested in undertaking quests. While a Snotling Invasion (Fragments of Power, 38) is a fearsome force of destruction, it still doesn't make the Orcs get off their green butts and go questing themselves. This is partly because – thus far – quests hardly ever fit into the Orcs' strongest strategies. Also, most Orc quests require the accumulation of tokens over several turns, and the Greenskins are notoriously bad at keeping questing units alive. Now, however, they have found a way around this problem…by breaking the rules. Goblins, Goblins, Everywhere! Roving Goblins (Portent of Doom, 85) allows you to send an unlimited number of units on the same quest. This unique ability not only makes it more likely one will survive and collect enough tokens, but as long as your units are questing together, Roving Goblins can further accelerate the accumulation. If you add Progress In Numbers (Portent of Doom, 86), a quest-based strategy suddenly becomes a serious option for the Orcs.

No longer will your opponent only have to worry about you swarming the battlefield with your Greenskins, now he might find it even worse if they take to the quest zone en masse. The Orcs now have powerful options in Gathering the Horde or suddenly wiping out all an opponent's supports with a Smash 'Em All! (Core Set, 72) and a Progress in Numbers that lets you collect three tokens in the same turn you play the quest (and only requires the sacrifice of one questing unit, not all of them). In fact, while you’re at it, you can have your Roving Goblins learn a deadly lesson from the Dark Elves' Offering to Hekarti (The Fourth Waystone, 97). Naturally, Roving Goblins are the kind of Greenskins that run around with large crosshairs painted on their backs. Should your opponent manage to remove them from play or make them stop questing, you will have to move all but one unit of your choice off each quest. Nonetheless, this is preferable to only having had one questing unit in the first place, and having it destroyed. Still, when you prepare a quest-based approach for your Greenskins, keep in mind you'll likely find it works best in conjunction with their tried-and-true rush strategy – just a different, completely new flavor of rush. Thanks, Torsten! We look forward to seeing the chaos that unfolds across the battlefields of the Old World when Portent of Doom is released and the Roving Goblins start questing. Until this penultimate Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle is released, head to our forums to discuss the growing impact of quests on your games of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

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