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A Look Ahead at the FFG World Championship Weekend

Fantasy Flight Games is gearing up for our FFG World Championship Weekend!

The 2012 Regional Championship tournament season that ran from April to June was our largest and most successful ever. Players came out of it excited for the top-tier competition of the North American Championship events at Gen Con Indy. There, we added new games to our Organized Play program and saw players implement clever new strategies as they competed with the best players from across the continent. Download the FFG World Championship Weekend schedule of events (pdf, 2.1 MB) Now, we’re turning our focus toward the best players in the world and the weekend of world class competition coming this November 9th – 11th to Roseville, MN.

Recently, we made the weekend’s schedule available for download. Today, and over the coming weeks, we’ll explore the event in greater detail, including looks at special rates on hotels, prizes, bonuses for early registration, the weekend’s side challenges, and the champion players arriving to defend their titles.

The Pinnacle of Organized Play

This is the first year that the FFG World Championship Weekend serves as the pinnacle of our Organized Play program.

We’ve taken great strides to make this a truly global event and build a foundation for future events. Some of our European partners have arranged to send their national champions. Other top players from around the world are making their own plans to attend and vie for the title of World Champion in their favorite games.

As we prepare to host the world, we’re directing our time, staff, and energy to making this event an awesome showcase for our LCGs and miniature games. Most importantly, we’re working to ensure that the addition of the FFG World Championship Weekend translates to a fun-filled, top-tier experience for all who attend.

Below are just a few of the advantages we are able to share with attendees:

  • Special guest rates at local hotels.
  • Exclusive prize support for all participants.
  • Professional and custom terrain for our miniatures games.
  • Extensive video coverage, including live streaming of key matches.
  • Learn about the direction of Organized Play for 2013, and participate in a Q&A.
  • Staff challenges: win a game against a participating FFG employee, and get a prize.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Fellowship Event.
  • And more!

 X-Wing™ finalists will play their match on a professionally crafted Death Star table.

Register Now and Get a Free T-Shirt

If you’ve been thinking about attending the FFG World Championship Weekend, pre-register now! Not only will you earn the chance to play your favorite games against the best players in the world, but all early registrants will also get a free FFG World Championship Weekend t-shirt.

NOTE: Regional Champions, North American Champions, and other pre-qualified players who have earned free entry to the weekend can still qualify for the free t-shirt by sending an email to [email protected], stating your intent to attend and your t-shirt size.

If you have earned free registration to the event, please contact FFG Organized Play with the following information:

  • Your name.
  • The game in which you’ll be competing.
  • Your t-shirt size.
  • The event you won to earn free entry to the weekend.

The Best is Yet to Come!

Keep your eyes open over the coming weeks for more information about the FFG World Championship Weekend. We’ll post information about the events, players, prizes, and top strategies to our individual game sites, and we’ll keep you up to date with all the most important developments.

We look forward to seeing you this November 9th – 11th in Roseville, MN. Register now!

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