11 September 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Battle for the Old World

Announcing the Third Battle Pack from the Eternal War Cycle


A Waaagh! is a mind-numbing sight – an unstoppable sea of green-skinned warriors swarming across the horizon, whooping, jeering, and chanting war-cries that have heralded devastation and ruin since the world was young.     –Warhammer, “A Green Tide of Sheer Violence” Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Battle for the Old World, the third Battle Pack from the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! The Old World is a land of eternal war. As its rival races continue to combat each other, they must look for new tactics and new tricks or suffer defeat at the hands of enemies who have learned their standard tactics over years and years of battle. As we head deeper into the Eternal War cycle, Battle for the Old World gives each of the races exactly what they need – new tricks and surprises – as it continues to reinforce the game’s focus on a dynamic battlefield phase. Battle of the Old World introduces ten new units that each bring special abilities to force their enemies into difficult decisions and make combat more engaging. It also expands players’ deck-building options with new Spells, Hexes, and Fortifications, as well as a new Greenskin legend certain to make an impact. Da Great Waaagh! Along with its units, support cards, and tactics, Battle for the Old World introduces a new Orc quest, Da Great Waaagh! (Battle for the Old World, 42).

By definition, a Waaagh! is a terrifying thing, and Da Great Waaagh! doesn’t disappoint. When triggered, it grants the Orcs an extra battlefield phase and, therefore, the potential to end the game in a single turn’s brutal rush. However, Da Great Waaagh! is noteworthy for more than its triggered effect. Despite the Greenskins’ recent investment in questing, they have always been more inclined to assault and burn their opponents’ zones than develop their own – at least, any zone other than the Battlefield. Fortunately for them, Da Great Waaagh! allows them to focus on what they do best, even as they “quest.” The Mission quest breaks the normal rules for quests in a couple of ways. First, it plays into an opponent’s zone under your control. Second, you complete it by assigning damage tokens to it, rather than resources. It’s a perfect combination for the Orcs, who can pursue their rampant destruction by engaging in rampant destruction, and it’s one that’s likely to see a lot of play and open new deck design space for Orc tactics that last until the end of the turn, like Waaagh! (Core Set, 79), Mob Up (Tooth and Claw, 49), and Rip Dere ‘eads Off! (Core Set, 75). Da Great Waaagh! is coming. Soon, Warhammer: Invasion players everywhere will gaze upon an unstoppable sea of greenskin warriors. How will you meet them – with your standard tactics, or an arsenal of new tricks and surprises? Battle for the Old Worlds arrives at retailers everywhere in the fourth quarter of 2012!

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