The Council of Thirteen Respond to a Portent of Doom

A Warhammer: Invasion Deck List by Guest Writer Torsten Krämer


The Council of Thirteen is the ruling body of the vile Skaven race. It consists of the twelve Lords of Decay, and the thirteenth seat is reserved for the Horned Rat himself. Constantly engaging in power struggles and evil schemes, backstabbing, and assassination attempts against their fellow members, its Lords not only plot against all other races, but also against each other, serving as a prime example of why the Skaven haven't yet managed to overwhelm the surface nations.

Creatures of Opportunity

Now, in Portent of Doom, the Council of Thirteen (Portent of Doom, 96) makes its appearance in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. During each of your turns, if you can engineer the demise of a target unit, this unique Destruction-only support will reward you bountifully with resources or cards. Naturally, you can and often should target an opponent’s unit, and as a Destruction player, you will have many tools at your disposal to bring about its death.

But just like the Lords of Decay, your forces might well fall to infighting and follow the Council’s lead to murder one of their own and reap the benefits. Just remember that the unit needs to be destroyed, not sacrificed. You can't just throw it into your Slave Pen (March of the Damned, 29)…but it might suffer a fortunate accident and get caught in the blast radius of your own Plague Bomb (Chaos Moon, 34). If your deck has a whole Skaven theme to it, Deathmaster Sniktch (The Deathmaster's Dance, 79) won't care if you send him after your enemies or your supposed allies.

There is, of course, another possibility. One of your attackers might fit the Council’s requirements, and you could force your opponent into making an uncomfortable decision: Will he let your target unit live and suffer damage to his capital – plus the potential effects of the Scout keyword or something similarly nasty – or will he destroy it, and grant your Council of Thirteen all the benefits that it’s due?

At What Cost?

The Skaven are unpredictable, and the Council of Thirteen might demand an offering you can't fulfill. To ensure the Council discards a card with the same cost as a unit you can destroy, you might want to call upon the help of cards like P'tarix (Vessel of the Winds, 73). Still, there’s a chance the infighting will lead to a positive end even if it misses a turn or two; if your deck makes good use of Raise Dead (March of the Damned, 53) or necromancy, the forced discard might just be another boon flowing from the cunning of the Horned Rat.

Thanks, Torsten!

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