Questing for Clarity

The Updated Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game FAQ is Now Available


The Bloodquest Cycle has given Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game players exciting reasons to sent their units on quests. Many units possess new abilities that make them exciting additions to the Quest zone, and new quests provide material rewards upon their completion. Now the game’s developers have provided you with extra incentive to quest for clarity in your battles.

The Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game FAQ version 1.8 (pdf, 4.9 MB) is now on the game’s support page and available for download, as is a printer-friendly version (pdf, 1.4 MB). Along with the updated tournament rules (pdf, 6.7 MB), the new FAQ provides players with all the information they need to enjoy the game’s furious battles!

Click the above images to download the FAQ (left, center) or tournament rules (right).

The Design Team on the Warhammer: Invasion FAQ

Greetings Warhammer: Invasion players!

Gen Con 2012 is right around the corner, along with the Warhammer: Invasion North American Championship tournament, and it’s time for an FAQ update. The first three battle packs of The Bloodquest Cycle will be tournament legal (Rising Dawn, Fragments of Power, The Accursed Dead), and the introduction of the packs’ powerful cards has also raised a few rules questions that need to be clarified. To help provide players with the best possible gaming experience, we have updated the FAQ 1.8 to include an expanded rules clarification section, additional questions and answers, as well as errata for three cards.

Let’s start with the rules clarifications. The section on legends has been updated to include rules for corrupted legends and declaring legends as defenders. The “Just Played” section has been updated to better explain how cards that cancel “just played” Actions work. And lastly, a new section titled “Card Effects Resulting in Playing Cards” has been added to define how cards like Slaanesh’s Domination (Core Set, 105) and Gathering the Winds (Rising Dawn, 10) work when resolving their Actions.

The frequently asked questions section has been expanded to include questions about some of the new cards and interactions introduced in The Bloodquest Cycle, such as Jealous Eyes (The Accursed Dead, 54) and effects that move quests. Questions regarding the resolution of Gathering the Winds’ ability are also addressed in this section.

Lastly, three cards have received errata to better preserve the balance and overall health of the game: Werner Ludenhof (The Imperial Throne, 104), Red Arrow Coach (The Accursed Dead, 50), and Arcane Power (The Accursed Dead, 57). These cards each have exciting abilities that make them fun to play, but needed just a little extra wording to keep their effects from creating easy infinite loops within the game. Werner Ludenhof’s ability has been limited to “once per turn” to prevent an Empire player from moving him in and out of a zone an infinite number of times with Hidden Operative (The Accursed Dead, 59). Red Arrow Coach was intended to allow a unit to move onto a quest only after moving into that quest’s zone, so the last line of its ability has been reworded to better reflect its intent: “That unit may then move onto a quest in that zone, if able.” Finally, the second line of Arcane Power’s text now reads: “Then, if you control a legend or Artefact support card, return target card (other than an Arcane Power) from your discard pile to your hand.” This simple change will help prevent players from creating an infinite loop with two copies of Arcane Power.

The design team is dedicated to the long-term success of the game and we trust that the players will appreciate these decisions and continue to enjoy Warhammer: Invasion.

   –The Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Design Team

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