Rise Ascendant with Vessel of the Winds

The Fourth Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle is Now Available


Vessel of the Winds, the fourth Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Throughout The Bloodquest Cycle, the races of the Old World have sought new means to resolve old wars with ancient enemies. They have undertaken new quests, followed new legends, rallied around new Heroes, and gathered powerful new Artefacts, all as part of an unending struggle for dominance. In Vessel of the Winds, the races each unleash the powers they have gathered according to their trademark styles. A new Orc legend whips the Greenskin hordes into a frenzy, the Dwarfs derive a fiery purpose from their freshest grudges, the Men of the Empire engineer new devices and tactics to mobilize their troops where they are needed, and the Dark Elves seduce, bleed, and destroy their foes.

Meanwhile, the Windcatcher Prism (Vessel of the Winds, 61) still remains to be discovered, a powerful Artefact that can help any race harness the Winds of magic.

Malice Incarnate

The Bloodquest Cycle has been very good to the High Elves, giving them a powerful new legend, Eltharion the Grim (Rising Dawn, 1), and the basis of a strong mechanical theme based around resource token manipulation. And whenever the High Elves gain strength or the chance to flaunt their advantages, their Dark Elf cousins are sure to suffer the sting of jealousy and to feel the cold fires of hatred burning brighter and ever more intense.

In Vessel of the Winds, the Dark Elves launch simultaneous attacks of two separate, coordinated natures. Their new quest, Pleasure Cults (Vessel of the Winds, 79), can soften your opponent’s ability to mount a defense in a threatened zone or slow your opponent’s ability to launch attacks against you. Meanwhile, Elkana (Vessel of the Winds, 74) and the Temple of Spite (Vessel of the Winds, 75) add another dimension to the raids the Dark Elves launch from their floating fortresses, the Black Arks. Whereas Rising Dawn allowed the Dark Elves to slow and disrupt their opponents with Maranith (Rising Dawn, 14) and the Tower of Oblivion (Rising Dawn, 15), Elkana and the Temple of Spite allow the Dark Elves to cut for the jugular. The Temple of Spite adds another reusable tool to the race’s dangerous hit point reduction strategy, and Elkana provides them with the means to boost their power during vital assaults on their opponent’s capital.

The High Elves may have gained as much ground as any race from the bitter early struggles of The Bloodquest Cycle, but wherever they go, the Dark Elves never linger far behind. Called by their need for revenge, and drawing upon the strength of the new Black Ark cards, in Vessel of the Winds, the Dark Elves plot the ruin of their High Elf kin.

The Shifting Winds

Magic pervades the Old World, coursing through the Eight Winds. As a different wind rises ascendant, so do the fates of nations rise and fall. How will you build an army strong enough and stable enough to withstand not only your enemy but the changing of the Winds?

Perhaps the secret to your strategy lies among the new units, attachments, events, and quests of Vessel of the Winds. Head to your local retailer now to get your hands on this new Battle Pack today, or order your copy online through our webstore.

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