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Recently, we announced our Stuff of Legends deck-building contest. Now that, The Accursed Dead, the third Battle Pack from The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is available at retailers and on our webstore (and spoilers are available on our forums), it’s time to get to work. If you haven’t already submitted your deck list, the Stuff of Legends deck-building contest provides you the perfect time to experiment with the exciting new cards from The Bloodquest Cycle. But there’s no time to lose; all entries are due by 10 AM Central time on Friday, July 6th!

Legendary Challenges

Guidelines for the contest are available in the contest announcement, and as players have already noted, one of the primary challenges you’ll face is ensuring that your legend stays in play. Starting the game with a legend can warp all manner of standard expectations. Not only do you gain your legend’s power in all three zones, making more powerful and expensive units suddenly playable on the first turn, but you’ll be able to look differently at loyalty costs and benefit from your legend’s unique ability from the outset of the game.

With so much riding on your ability to protect your legend and benefit from him, it’s a good thing The Bloodquest Cycle features a host of cards that can reinforce your legend’s role. In addition to supports like Descendant of Gods (Fragments of Power, 36) and The Dawnstar Sword (Rising Dawn, 1) that can turn your legend into a beast on the battlefield, cards like Da Great Leader (Fragments of Power, 26) and Arcane Power (The Accursed Dead, 57) take advantage of your legend’s presence to accelerate your deck.

Of course, this is Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, so you can expect confrontation right out of the gates. Will your deck be up to the challenge of defending its legend? Will it feature the means to win even if your legend falls on the field of battle?

Quests and Artefacts

In addition to a legend, each submission needs to include at least one quest from The Bloodquest Cycle and one of the cycle’s new Artefacts. Altogether, each deck list must include twenty cards from the first three Battle Packs of The Bloodquest Cycle. Accordingly, you can expect that we’ll see a lot of designs built around the exciting new combination of a Heroic Task (Rising Dawn, 20) and an Artefact meant to play free upon the legend (or a Hero) once the Task is completed.

One of the goals the developers had in mind while working on The Bloodquest Cycle was to make quest cards more compelling by offering material rewards upon their completion. Well, when you can get a free Dawnstar Sword or The Liber Mortis (The Accursed Dead, 41), you certainly have more incentive to send units forth to undertake the quest.

Still, starting with Heroic Task in play means the forfeiture of any possible mulligan, so there’s still plenty of reason to consider the other quests from the cycle. Halfway into the cycle, we have quests for each of the game’s six races, and each offers plenty of reasons for you to consider its inclusion.

In the End, It’s All About Fun

The Stuff of Legends deck-building contest dramatically changes your approach to deck construction, but it does so for a reason. We want to shake things up a little and encourage you to look at your cards from a fresh point of view. Tactics that are more difficult to employ in standard games become more viable, your whole economy changes, and you can look at units and support cards in entirely different ways.

Part of the point of a Living Card Game™ is that it’s always evolving, so as The Bloodquest Cycle spurs Warhammer: Invasion toward another evolution, we want you to play around with some basic deck-building principles…Live a little!

We look forward to seeing how your legend might direct your armies and how you’ll incorporate the new cards and strategies from The Bloodquest Cycle. Remember, in order to have a shot at wining a copy of Vessel of Winds or the playmat, capital cards, and other content from the upcoming Game Night Kit, you need to email your deck lists to [email protected]. All submissions must include the subject line “Warhammer: Invasion Deck-Building Contest” and are due by 10 AM Central time this Friday morning.

Good luck!

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