Arm Yourself Against Insanity

Cursed, Blessed, and Standard Arkham Horror Custom Dice are Now on Sale


Test your luck against the Ancient Ones with Arkham Horror Dice, now available at your local retailer and on our webstore! These tools of cosmic terror replace or supplement the dice found in the Arkham Horror base game.

The standard Arkham Horror Dice, now back in stock, are attractive and highly detailed six-sided dice cast from hand-carved originals. They feature sculpted number faces as well as Elder Signs on the "5" and "6" sides indicating successes. Order yours today, and arm yourself against the horror of the Ancient Ones.

A Blessing and a Curse

Meanwhile, new blue and red dice let you take full control of your fate. Designed to work with Arkham Horror’s “Blessed” and “Cursed” mechanics, these dice feature varying numbers of Elder Signs to reflect those two alternate states of fortune. The blue Blessed Dice show them on the “4,” “5,” and “6,” and the red Cursed Dice limits success to only the “6.”

Take up new weapons in the ongoing fight to keep the streets of Arkham safe. Head to your local retailer to grab your Arkham Horror Dice today!


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