25 July 2012 | Organized Play

New Game Night Kits Are Now Available

Retailers, You Can Find These Gaming Resources on Our B2B Store

The recently concluded 2012 Regional Championship season was the most successful yet in the history of Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play. Now, as our Organized Play continues to grow, we’re looking to build on this recent success by inviting you to participate in local Game Nights. And we’re pleased to support your participation with the release of third quarter 20120 Game Night Kits for the following five games:

Furthermore, Game Night Kits for Android: Netrunner The Card Game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and X-Wing™ are currently in development and will be made available later this year. Stay tuned to the FFG Organized Play website for the latest updates.

Get Involved with Game Nights

Game Nights are the foundation of Organized Play, and our Game Night Kits provide exciting, game-specific incentives for organizers to run demos, casual gaming, league play, ongoing campaigns, or single-day tournaments. Each kit supports as many as eight participants and includes a number of participation rewards as well as some larger items meant for champions, raffles, or any other selective distribution.

You’ll also find an eye-catching poster to draw attention to your game, and we have custom sign-up sheets available for free download through our Organized Play support page (/opsupport). Interested organizers can also head to the support page to find recommendations for getting the best possible mileage out of their Game Night Kits.

At Fantasy Flight Games, we believe in supporting local retailers, and the current Game Night Kits are available only through our B2B store (business-to-business). If you’re a retailer interested in ordering your Game Night Kits directly from Fantasy Flight Games, please contact our sales department for full details. If you’re a player interested in the current Game Night Kits, we encourage you to talk to your favorite local gaming store about participating in Game Nights.

Read on for more details about the contents of the third quarter 2012 Game Night Kits.

Play the Only Game That Matters

Players of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game immerse themselves in the battles, intrigues, and power struggles of the Great Houses of Westeros. The third quarter 2012 Game Night Kit takes players deeper into their game:

  • Promotional poster depicting Cersei Lannister on the Iron Throne.
  • Playmat featuring mounted lancers ready to strike.
  • Thirty House Targaryen themed power tokens (two sets of fifteen tokens).
  • Eight sets of six alternate House cards, featuring each of the Great Houses.

Reveal the Mysteries of the Great Old Ones

Do you dare play Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game and come face to face with the greatest and most terrifying mysteries of reality? The third quarter 2012 Game Night Kit unearths just a little more insanity.

  • Promotional poster inspired by the upcoming Seekers of Knowledge deluxe expansion.
  • Playmat featuring the stunning artwork from the Khopesh of the Abyss card.
  • Thirty plastic success tokens (two sets of fifteen).
  • Eight sets of three double-sided custom domain cards.

Send in the Troops

The Sino-Soviet Union army has arrived, and the battles of Dust Tactics are raging hotter than ever. Now is your chance to send in the troops with the third quarter 2012 Game Night Kit!

  • Promotional poster featuring three heroes of the SSU.
  • One medal to commemorate outstanding service in Operation “Zverograd.”
  • Eight bold, red, and patriotic SSU patches.
  • Eight Operation “Zverograd” dog tags.

Join a World at War

Laser toting Axis infantry soldiers and massive combat walkers collide in Dust Warfare, the intense and hot new tabletop miniatures game set in an alternate WWII. The third quarter 2012 Game Night Kit welcomes the SSU to the battlefield!

  • Promotional poster featuring the game’s fantastic miniatures.
  • One Operation “Zverograd” medal for heroic service.
  • Eight red and white Sino-Soviet Union patches featuring the hammer and sickle.
  • Eight Operation “Zverograd” dog tags.

Conquer the Old World

Armies of the Old World collide in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game as each race seeks to rise to dominance. Muster your strength on the battlefield with the third quarter 2012 Game Night Kit!

  • Promotional poster depicting High Elf legend, Eltharion the Grim, riding to war.
  • Playmat adorned by a sleek and sinister Dark Elf raider.
  • Two sets of fifteen plastic power tokens to track variable increases.
  • Eight sets of six stunning, custom Capital cards (can serve in place of Capital board).

Start Building the Excitement Today

Start building the excitement for your favorite games today!

  • Players: Talk to your local gaming store about Game Nights.
  • Retailers: You can find the third quarter 2012 Game Night Kits on our B2B store now.

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