It's Time for Your Cards to Get into Shape

Fantasy Flight Supply Square and Tarot Card Sleeves are Now Available


In the world of card sleeves, one size does not fit all. Now, Fantasy Flight Games is happy to offer players two new options to protect your cards and increase the longevity of your games. Our Fantasy Flight Supply Square and Tarot Card Sleeves are now available at a retailer near you and online through our webstore.

Offering top-notch protection, Fantasy Flight Supply Square and Tarot Card Sleeves shuffle easily and safeguard your square and tarot game cards from spills, smudges, and the gradual wear from shuffling and other use. The newest valuable additions to an already extensive lineup of game-specific supplies, these clear sleeves are made from 100 micron polypropylene plastic and are both PVC and acid-free.

Square Card Sleeves

The long wait for Square Card Sleeves is over! Players have expressed their desire to sleeve cards for games such as Power Grid™, Catan Card Game™, and The Rivals for Catan™, and Fantasy Flight Supply has responded.

Our Square Card Sleeves measure 2 11/16 x 2 11/16 in (70 x 70 mm), meaning they fit cards from the aforementioned games nice and snugly, as well as other cards of similar size.

Tarot Card Sleeves

Recently, some of our most exciting releases have made great use of the tarot-sized card. Tarot cards are taller than playing cards and allow a pleasant balance between legible game text and generous design space. However, you should be aware that not all “tarot” cards share the same dimensions. Manufacturers throughout the industry have introduced a number of differently-sized cards. At 2 3/4” by 4 3/4” (70 x 120 mm), the new Fantasy Flight Supply Tarot Card Sleeves will be the perfect fit for cards from the hit games, Elder Sign and Infiltration!

They also fit older games like Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe Edition, and because these sleeves are slightly taller than the average tarot card, you can use them for just about any game that has a tarot-sized card.

New Options in Card Protection

Fantasy Flight Supply is dedicated to giving you the options you need to get the most out of your games, and we are pleased to offer our Square and Tarot Card Sleeves as two more ways you can protect your gaming components.

Look for Fantasy Flight Supply Square and Tarot Card Sleeves at a retailer near you, or head to our webstore to pick up your Square or Tarot Card Sleeves today!

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