Experience the Nightmare

The Lies of Solace, an Arkham Horror Novel, is Now on Sale

The police wagon stopped in front of the gateway to the Stonegroves estate. The night was clear and the distant lights of the mansion glittered between the still leaves of the trees. Beyond the gate, the gravel drive stretched away, pale under the starlight until the darkness under the trees swallowed it. Unlike when Raker had visited earlier that day, the wrought-iron gates were shut.

“Guess no one is going to open the gate for us,” said Sheriff Engle. He sat with his shotgun across his knees, his bulk wedged between Raker and the right-hand door. The inside of the wagon smelled of motor oil and nervous men pressed together. The other wagon would be behind them, half a dozen in each, all with shotguns and enough ammunition to fight a war. Raker hoped it would not be needed, but if it was, that it would be enough.

A man in the uniform of a footman stepped out of the small door next to the main gates. Raker felt the sheriff stiffen next to him, his hand going to the trigger of the side-by-side. The footman walked up to the front of the wagon, a puzzled smile on his face. He wore a long-tailed coat in black, dark pants, and black shoes polished to a mirror finish. Silver buttons down the front of his grey waistcoat reflected the glare of the headlights. His eyes looked a little red, and he had the slightly bleary look of someone just woken from an uncomfortable sleep.

Visions of the Future

The Lies of Solace, the second novel in The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy, is now on sale at your local bookseller, our webstore, and digitally for your Nook, Kindle, and iBooks device!

Based in the Arkham Horror universe, this disturbing tale explores the depths to which desperation and tragedy can plunge us, and the grim consequences that await those who surrender to grief and pain.

When Jacqueline Fine experiences disturbing visions of a robed man before the crumbling edifice of a city, she's determined to prevent her nightmare from becoming a reality. Meanwhile, an Arkham doctor tries desperately to save his only daughter from the hands of a dark cult, and a distraught bootlegger attempts to unravel the mystery behind the sudden silence of his fiancée's letters. Will these three strangers be able to save everything they love from a terrifying future, or has their suffering only just begun?

For more information on this exciting tale, visit our The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy website and check out our series of chapter previews. Then head to your local retailer or our webstore to pick up or download your copy today!


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