The Accursed Dead Is Now Available

The Bloodquest Cycle Advances with This Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion


The Accursed Dead, the third Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

While The Bloodquest Cycle continues to offer new rewards and support for questing, The Accursed Dead takes a turn to the darker side of the Old World, granting terrific power to the Undead and cards that benefit from control over the discard pile, including a powerful new Artefact, The Liber Mortis (The Accursed Dead, 41). But the forces of Destruction aren’t the only ones to gain strength from this new Battle Pack. Guest writer Torsten Krämer explores one of the clever new devices the forces of Order may hope to drive off their enemies:

Guest writer Torsten Krämer on the Red Arrow Coach

The Bloodquest Cycle makes certain underused themes likes quests and legends more exciting for all levels of play, it has built up new themes like the High Elves’ resource token manipulation, and it continues to expand classic themes like the Empire’s unit mobility. Sometimes, the cycle tweaks two or more of these themes with just one card.

One example is Red Arrow Coach (The Accursed Dead, 50). Because it can offer any one of your units a ride to a different zone at any time, Red Arrow Coach makes a great addition to a classic theme. The Empire has always been good at moving units, and its control over where both its units and its opponent’s units are placed can from the basis of countless strategic possibilities. Accordingly, Red Arrow Coach allows you to muster a surprise defender, react to effects that target units in a specific zone, and count the power of your mightiest unit to two of your zones in the same turn.

The Coach also offers subtle support to quest-based strategies by allowing the unit to move onto a quest. If your questing unit is destroyed, the Coach lets you start collecting tokens again right away, instead of losing another turn. And don't forget about quests that don't use tokens! Maybe the Coach's passenger aims to re-open a New Trade Route (Rising Dawn, 18) before your turn starts.

The Red Arrow Coach’s flexibility makes it an interesting card for challenging situations. Two of the greater challenges posed by the Stuff of Legends deck-building contest will be keeping your starting legend alive, and including twenty cards from The Bloodquest Cycle. The Red Arrow Coach seems like a sure fit. It forms neat combinations with units like Emperor's Chosen (Rising Dawn, 7) to help you fulfill both requirements at once, adding more cards from the new cycle and protecting your legend with a flexible defense that can easily switch over to offense when you need it.

Thanks, Torsten!

We look forward to seeing how players incorporate the new cards from The Accursed Dead and the other Battle Packs of The Bloodquest Cycle into their games of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and we look forward to seeing your submissions to the Warhammer: Invasion deck-building contest by July 6th at 10 AM Central time.

Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copy of The Accursed Dead, or order it online from our webstore!

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