Fragments of Power is Now Available

The Bloodquest Cycle Continues with This Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion


Fragments of Power, the second Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

War scars the Old World as ancient enemies collide. Even while the battles intensify, no race gains a definitive advantage. The Bloodquest Cycle explores the impact of questing units within Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and Fragments of Power introduces three new quests, as well as a host of units and support cards. Whether you draw upon the power of the gods, draw strength from higher learning, or use magic to steal past your foes, Fragments of Power grants you the means to forge your own legend… and several of the pack’s cards reward players for fielding legends.

The Snotling Invasion Begins!

Vicious and mean-spirited, Goblins far prefer to attack from behind or assail foes already weakened by battle – better still, both at the same time.     –Warhammer, “Orcs & Goblins”

As The Bloodquest Cycle introduces new, tangible rewards for questing, guest writer Torsten Krämer discusses how the new Orc quest, Snotling Invasion (Fragments of Power, 38) turns several of the game’s rules on ‘dere ‘eads!:

Snotling Invasion is not only the first quest that doesn’t have to be played into the Quest zone, it’s also the first card you can play into an opponent’s zone, under his control. Since you don’t control the card, it provides loyalty for your opponent, not for you, but since when do Greenskins care about loyalty while there are towns to pillage and kingdoms to burn?

Snotling Invasion puts pressure on your opponent, making him choose between sacrificing a development and dealing two damage to the zone in which you placed the card. This choice becomes particularly difficult if he’s trying to pursue a development-based strategy, and if he isn’t, you can make him care. You can turn his mind toward his developments with cards like Boar Pen (Omens of Ruin, 5) and Doom Divers (Core Set, 65).

One of the less obvious benefits of Snotling Invasion is that it indirectly forces your opponent to play by your rules. You decide where you place it, and therefore to which zone your opponent must play his unit if he wants to destroy it. If you're both slugging for damage in the battlefield, he might not want to divert forces to his Kingdom or Quest zone. On the other hand, if he’s aiming to build those zones early to take control of the game later, a Snotling Invasion in his Battlefield can easily disrupt his plans.

Once your opponent gets a unit on the quest, it might not take him long to destroy it. However, Destruction players have quite a few options to remove units from quests, including the Wight Lord (March of the Damned, 48) and Blood Dragon Knight (Legends, 53). Plus, there’s the classic Greenskin method of removing units from quests: launch an all-out attack on the zone and force your opponent to decide between keeping the unit and keeping the zone. Even if you can’t remove the unit, cards like the Hidden Sorceress (Rising Dawn, 17) and the new Dark Elf unit from Fragments of Power will at least slow things down, allowing the Snotling Invasion to rage on!

Thanks, Torsten!

The quest for ultimate power is underway, and the races of the Old World have begun to turn up new and potent Fragments of Power. Pick up this exciting Battle Pack today at your local retailer or online on our webstore!

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