8 May 2012 | Fireborn Novels

Each Ember's Ghost

Announcing an Upcoming Fireborn Novel by Steven Savile

Alice Ho slipped through the darkness like a razor blade cutting into a vein. Silence was a virtue in certain walks of life. In Alice’s it was the stuff of life and death itself. She pressed herself up against the wall, feeling the thrill of cold stone on her back. She offered as little of her profile as was physically possible to the surveillance cameras. It was impossible to hide from all of them. The cameras covered every inch of the corridor, a miniaturized version of the world outside: once upon a time, London had been the most spied upon city in the world—there were still eyes everywhere. Alice was pragmatic. She wanted to make life as difficult as possible for the authorities, and yet still taunt them with the hope that they might just be able to identify her. It was all about angles and light and shadow, and the fact that she just loved to tease. It didn’t hurt that she enjoyed being three steps ahead of the people chasing her, twice as intelligent as them, and better looking. Alice barely suppressed a chuckle at that.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Each Ember’s Ghost, a novel set in the captivating world of Fireborn!

When a series of high-profile London thefts leaves Detective Jack Callaghan baffled, he begins to suspect that his perpetrator is no average cat burglar. After all, she can apparently melt locks with a gesture, render security cameras useless, and plant subconscious suggestions in the minds of onlookers. But why is this mysterious thief collecting relics of dubious monetary value? And how does Callaghan’s investigation tie in to his increasingly disturbing visions? To find answers, a veteran investigator must first unlock secrets buried deep within himself... all while unraveling a plot that could lead to the downfall of everything he holds dear.

Magic and the Modern World

Internationally bestselling author Steven Savile has penned twenty novels, and has written for television shows including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, and Stargate. His books have been published all across the world, becoming bestsellers in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. He has also won the Best Young Adult Novel category in the 2010 Scribe Awards, the Writers of the Future Award, and was runner-up in the British Fantasy Award.

Now, Savile has turned his talents toward the acclaimed roleplaying setting of Fireborn, where he masterfully tells the story of a modern world faced with the sudden emergence of magic.

Visit our Each Ember’s Ghost website to learn more, and keep checking back in coming weeks. Then, look for this gripping novel at your local bookstore in the third quarter of 2012!


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