Fueled by Grudges and Fragments of Power

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game Spotlight


In this year, Ketil Grungnison and his kin avenged the murder of his father in Athel Loren […] Led by Ketil, the Grungnisons hewed through the Elvish ranks, sundered their flimsy wooden spears with good Dwarf steel and so claimed a rich blood price for Goldfinder’s murder.     –From the Karak Norn Book of Grudges, 1352

All the races of the Old World nurse ancient enmities, but none hold their grudges closer to their hearts than the Dwarfs. Each sleight against the Dwarfs finds its way into their Karak’s Book of Grudges, and each entry fuels their thirst for blood and vengeance.

The Dwarfs have been gaining strength from their grudges in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game since the Core Set. The Grudge Thrower (Core Set, 18), Burying the Grudge (Core Set, 19), and Striking the Grudge (Core Set, 21) have long helped the Dwarfs set right past wrongs. Cards like the Great Book of Grudges (The Warpstone Chronicles, 82), Grudgebearer (The Fall of Karak Grimaz, 24), and Leave No Trace (Karaz-a-Karak, 70) have embodied the Dwarfs’ burning sense of injustice in other fashions.

Strength for an Army

A Dwarf army is like a well-crafted mail shirt; each warrior is an iron-hard link, knitted together by duty, honour and loyalty. And, like a mail shirt, never a blow shall pass them as long as all the links remain strong.     –Dwarf saying

Despite the fact Dwarfs have nursed their sense of injustice and their thirst for vengeance since the initial release of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, their grudges have given their units only fleeting strength, or have been divided unequally, so that some units burned with the need for justice while others focused on the daily life of the Karak. Before The Bloodquest Cycle, the game did not depict the persistent, universal fire in the hearts of all Dwarfs that stem from unanswered grudges.

Now, however, as the war intensifies throughout The Bloodquest Cycle, the Dwarfs have received Toughness from Stone Vengeance (Rising Dawn, 3) and can look forward to the extra combat damage granted by Blood Vengeance (Fragments of Power, 24). These Grudges provide constant, cumulative bonuses that apply to all your Dwarfs, and you can play them into a zone for free anytime your capital takes damage.

Because these Grudges don’t enter play as the result of an action, they cannot be cancelled. Instead, they fire up your Dwarf army, fueling them for new battles, and your opponent’s Orcs, Elves, and other forces had best beware the Dwarfs when their hearts are set on vengeance!

Look for the Dwarfs to seek their Blood Vengeance early next month when Fragments of Power arrives at retailers everywhere!

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