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The FAQ and Errata for Rex is Now Online


Aboveground, even greater dangers lurked. In their region of the city, Sol patrols were to be most feared, but a thousand things could get one killed in the new Mecatol. Gangs of looters that would kill first and steal later. Packs of flying ruvar birds that, driven mad by the poisoned rains and desperate for food, had become feral and savage things. And there was the endless Sol bombings. While the explosions could kill one well enough, they left behind a broken landscape almost as deadly.      – Rex: Final Days of an Empire

In the aftermath of a sudden and unexpected attack on Mecatol Rex, the galactic seat of power, questions abound. Who was behind the brutal assault? Can the ruling Lazax truly trust their allies? What does this mean for the fate of the galaxy?

Find answers in the Rex FAQ and Errata (pdf, 2.5 MB), now available on our support page! For more on this helpful document, we turn to senior designer Corey Konieczka:

A Transmission From the Imperial Palace

This FAQ & Errata document is intended to clarify rules issues and answer frequently asked questions about Rex. For the sake of completeness, this document includes all known issues, including those already noted on the insert sheet included in your game.

The majority of this document answers questions that players (like yourself) have asked about a variety game situations. These questions fall into three categories, clarification on racial advantages, combat related questions, and miscellaneous rare or awkward gameplay situations. 

I tried to keep this document brief and to the point. Most of these topics have been discussed on our forums, and the answers should not come as a surprise to our forum members. As always, we really appreciate your support and are here to serve your gaming needs. If you have any further questions about any of our games, I encourage you to use our rules submissions form.

I wish you luck in your conquests of Mecatol Rex, and happy gaming! -Corey Konieczka


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