A Video Trailer for Rex

Rex, a board game of betrayal and conquest, bombards retailers next week!


The final days of the Lazax Empire began in the seventy-third year of the Twilight Wars, when without warning, the Federation of Sol led a deadly assault directly on Mecatol Rex, the capital planet the empire itself. A climactic struggle for control of the imperial city followed, fought as much with diplomacy and deception as with troops and starships. This is the story of that struggle.

Rex, the board game of diplomacy, conquest, and betrayal for 3–6 players, will be on store shelves everywhere very soon! If you’ve been following this epic title closely, you’ve probably already seen our previews of the Lazax and Jol-Nar, insights from the designers, and even the full rules (pdf, 12.7 MB).

Witness the treachery

Today, we’re pleased to present a video trailer for Rex. Witness the fateful betrayal that thrust the galaxy into upheaval, and prepare to defend your claim to power.

Click the image above to view the Rex trailer (Quicktime, 32.7 MB).Also available on YouTube and the FFG Media Player.

Keep checking back for more, and look for Rex on store shelves next week!


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