Shield of the Gods

Announcing the Thrilling Final Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle!


“Amid the darkness and horror of a world splintering apart, the armies of the true creators, we who were ancient at the dawn of time, will march forth once more. We shall sweep away all that is chaos and disorder, for ours is the true path, and none shall defy us.”     –Translation from ancient plaques attributed to Venerable Lord Kroak

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Shield of the Gods, the thrilling final Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

War rages across the Old World. Greenskin hordes sweep across Black Fire Pass and drive waves of Squigs and other creatures at the Dwarfs in their ancient Karaks. Chaos cultists seek to corrupt the Empire from the inside, even as the Empire’s Knights undertake quests with a newfound fervor. Meanwhile, High Elf scouts ride against their darker kin, but the Druchii hatch their own plans in the forges of Naggarond. Bolstered by a new legend, the Dark Elves prepare to launch a whole new wave of assaults against Ulthuan in the ongoing Elven struggle for dominance.

Amid the bloodshed, amid the endless tactical maneuverings and wartime atrocities, the armies of the true creators march forth. The Lizardmen arrive from Lustria to reclaim what is theirs. The neutral race receives a new, non-unique attachment that provides consistent, battle-oriented card draw and a new quest that increases the ferocious efficacy of these savage warriors.

Shield of Aeons

The greatest, new Lizardmen-themed card in Shield of the Gods, however, neither bears the Lizardmen trait nor requires you to command any of the ancient humanoids. Instead, the Shield of Aeons (Shield of the Gods, 101) can attach to any Hero or legend from the forces of Order.

This magical shield has long protected the Saurus warrior, Gor-Rok. With it, he has stood fast against the forces of Destruction, even staring down charging lancers, but with the release of Shield of the Gods, your Hero or legend may be able to put the Shield to even greater use.

A Hero in possession of the Shield of Aeons is able to attack fearlessly, leading wave after wave of assaults, assured of protection from enemy units in combat. While the same can’t be said for any units you use to support your Hero, the Shield of Aeons increases your chances of getting maximum use of such potent attack-focused abilities as those of Wilhelm of the Osterknacht (The Fall of Karak Grimaz, 5), Drycha (Signs in the Stars, 78), and Korhil (Omens of Ruin, 9). But as one might suspect, the Shield may be even better in the hands of a Hero focused on defense. Because, as a defender, he can absorb and cancel all the damage your opponent would do to whichever zone he defends, your Hero equipped with the Shield of Aeons effectively forces your opponent to attack a different zone. With the Shield and his mobility, Johannes Broheim (Core Set, 37) may be able to dictate the flow of combat.

Or you can play the Shield on your legend as an unparalleled means of protection. Already immune to most forms of damage, legends remain vulnerable primarily through attacks and combat damage, but when your legend straps on the Shield of Aeons, your opponent’s strongest attackers will fail. This means your legend will live longer to return the investment you made in bringing him to the battle. That’s another tactic that Teclis (Legends, 23) can play for free, another turn that Karl Franz (Legends, 15) can allow you to outmaneuver your opponent, or perhaps just the one attack you need to rout before Thorgrim Grudgebearer (Legends, 2) rallies your Dwarfs to victory.

The final confrontation

With Shield of the Gods, the armies of the Old World will soon gather for the climactic battles in The Bloodquest Cycle. As knights, skaven, cavalry, and cultists all ready their weapons, the hunt begins in earnest for the Shield of Aeons and the other powerful cards from this thrilling Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game.

Look for Shield of the Gods to arrive in the third quarter of 2012!

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