Rising Dawn is Now Available

This bold Battle Pack kicks off The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion!


“There are countless worlds beyond the void of chaos, endless kingdoms to conquer, cities to sack, forests to burn, warriors to slay in their millions. But by Khorne, I have chosen this world to conquer, and conquer it I shall.”     –Khastarax, Daemon Prince of Khorne

Rising Dawn, the first Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer and online on our webstore!

As the nations of the Old World prepare for bloody conquest, each sends heroes in search of powerful Artefacts, magic, and tactics. The Bloodquest Cycle lends greater focus to questing units, beginning with the sixty new cards of Rising Dawn (three copies each of twenty different cards). Three exciting new quests offer tremendous reward, and the forces of Order gain questing power through new units and support cards, even as the forces of Destruction recruit units dedicated to undoing all that Order seeks to accomplish.

Additionally, Rising Dawn introduces new ways to accelerate resources, a mighty magical sword, and a High Elf legend capable of altering the flow of battle.

Enchantments and sorcery

Guest writer Torsten Krämer looks at two of the new units now available in Rising Dawn:

While some quest effects can be triggered easily, many require you to accumulate resource tokens, usually just one each turn a unit is questing on them. Either these quests require you to collect a certain number on tokens before their effects can be triggered, like that of Heroic Task (Rising Dawn, 20), or their effects grow more powerful the more tokens you’ve accumulated, meaning you want to get as many on them as possible, as soon as you can.

Using such quests has always been difficult; it might simply take too long to collect all the resource tokens you need, and your questing units are usually prime targets for your opponent. He'll do his best to remove them from play, or even just from the quest, resulting in the loss of all accumulated tokens and forcing you to start all over again.

The Bloodquest Cycle addresses this by offering you new ways to speed up resource token accumulation. One of these is Blessed Enchantress (Rising Dawn, 16), a unique neutral unit whose ability can double the speed at which Dwarfs, High Elves and the Empire collect tokens on their quests. Naturally, her ability becomes more useful in combination with other effects you have that allow you to place extra tokens. For example, in a High Elf deck she combines well with cards like Eltharion the Grim (Rising Dawn, 2) and the Elven Scout (Karaz-A-Karak, 73). Still, even if you rely solely upon her efforts and those of your questing units, her acceleration can make all the difference.

But what the powers of Order build up, the forces of Destruction tear down. No surprise, therefore, that they gain the means to slow down the efforts of their opponents. Another neutral unit, the Hidden Sorceress (Rising Dawn, 17), can stop your opponent's questing units dead in their tracks. Even if he has the means to accelerate his questing, the Hidden Sorceress will at least slow him down, possibly giving you the edge you need to decide the match.

The quest for ultimate power

Head to your local retailer today, and pick up your copy of Rising Dawn. The quest for the power to rule the Old World starts today!

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