Hero's Call is Now on Sale

Take your games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to the pinnacle of power


“Today, you and I do battle for the last time. On this field we will clash steel and shed each other’s blood. But tonight… I will celebrate your death.”     –Final words of the champion Niklas Kessler

Champions of the Empire, take heed! The call sounds forth for those tried and tested in battle to stand once more against the Empire’s greatest foes. Who will answer the call? You who have stood against the seeds of corruption, who have slain orcs and daemons, it is time to head to your local retailer. Hero’s Call is now on sale!

Find epic power and fight epic antagonists in this high-powered expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Hero’s Call provides your heroes with tremendous new ammunition to face the challenges before them: twelve new high-powered careers, twelve regional options for men and dwarfs from outside Reikland, two new player races, action cards of all types, and new spells and blessings for Ranks 4 and 5. It’s a good thing, too, that your characters will gain greater power than ever before because Hero’s Call also explores the daily challenges of the Old World’s greatest heroes, including the Epic Threats they must face.

Adventures at the peak of your career

Hero’s Call also introduces a half-dozen heroic episode templates. Designed to help GMs create thrilling encounters for high-ranking parties, these six episode templates can be used as the basis of an adventure, as part of a larger scenario, or even as the root of a wider story arc involving advanced player characters.

  • Rally the Masses: Challenge the heroes’ leadership, as they must stem disaster by quelling public dissent, calming a volatile mob, and dealing with the rabble-rouser inciting the trouble.
  • Monster Slayers: The archetypal heroic quest pits the party against a monster of legendary proportions and terrible ferocity.
  • Court Intrigue: Challenge characters’ investigative skills as they unravel the secrets of the rich and powerful.
  • The Conclave: The PCs flex their political muscles as they seek to persuade an influential body of nobility to commit to urgent action.
  • Battle Lines: High-ranking heroes shine in pitched battles, where an understanding of tactics and troop movements are as important as brute strength.
  • The Grand Finale: Find the perfect ending; bring an epic campaign to a dramatic and memorable close.

Epic in every regard, Hero’s Call grants players the opportunity to take their characters to the heights of power, battle awesome foes, explore the deepest roots of the Empire’s intrigues, and participate in fantastic stories of epic proportion.

With the heroic episode templates and the complete high-level adventure, The Art of Waaagh!, you’ll find stories and excitement of the highest order.

Pick up your copy of Hero’s Call today at your local retailer or online on our webstore!

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