Reality Is What You Make of It

Grey Order Magic, a Print on Demand Expansion for WFRP, Is Now Available


“Upon the closest examination, nothing is truly as it seems. A shadow is not the perfect reflection of the man casting it. Nor is the man the perfect reflection of his own shadow.”     –Gavius Klugge, Grey Wizard

Secretive Illusionists. Twitchy, paranoid Tricksters who manipulate the fabric of reality. Wandering archivists. Guardians of obscure lore. Students of the Grey Wind, Ulgu. Grey Wizards shroud themselves in secrecy wherever they go. They constantly work to conceal their intentions, no matter how mundane they may be. Deception is in their nature, and others are right to fear them and view them with suspicion.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that Grey Order Magic, a Print on Demand supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is now available through our webstore!

Grey Wizards in the Old World

Grey Wizards are no strangers to adventuring parties. They are the most outgoing of any Order of wizards in the Empire, wandering far and wide in search of old lore and ancient secrets. However, though they often travel with companions, they rarely share their secrets, preferring to keep their true motives and intentions to themselves.

With its twenty new cards, Grey Order Magic introduces potent and flavorful new ways for Grey Wizards to approach life and adventure in the Old World. Fifteen new spells, running from Rank 1 through Rank 5, harness the mists of Ulgu to weave illusions, befuddle foes, and reorder the fabric of reality. Additionally, two new items enhance your Grey Wizard’s mastery of magic, including the Order’s symbolic Sword of Judgement, which represents the ability to cut through illusion and reality.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is an exciting process that allows Fantasy Flight Games to produce professionally finished cards on a made-to-order basis, which opens up new opportunities for expanding existing games.

This process (not to be confused with Print and Play) results in smaller print runs of professionally manufactured products, allowing publishers to provide fans with content that would otherwise not be commercially viable. If you’re a retailer interested in carrying our Print on Demand products, visit our Professional Zone website to learn more.

Magic and Mysteries

The more a Grey Wizard travels the Old World and learns its secrets, the more secretive and mistrustful he becomes. Years of dedication shadow, illusion, and the deep study of Ulgu breed paranoia. They also bring knowledge and power.

Now you can use the new spells and items from Grey Order Magic to free yourself from mundane expectations of the nature of reality. Delve deeper into the mysteries of Ulgu, reshape reality to your will, and enhance your continuing adventures in the Old World. Learn more about this Print on Demand expansion from our detailed description page. Then head to our webstore to place your order and manipulate the mists of Ulgu today!

Note: Due to variations in the printing process, cards from Print on Demand expansions will be subtly different in appearance and texture from base game cards. Orders for this expansion through our webstore cannot be combined with other Print on Demand products, but may be combined with non-Print on Demand items.

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