Vessel of the Winds

Announcing the fourth Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle


Magic is a capricious force. The winds can gust strong one moment, fueling great wizarding works, or can lull to nothing in the next breath, leaving even the least potent of incantations to sputter ineffectively.     –Storm of Magic, “A Tempest Like No Other”

The Winds of Magic howl across the Old World. In such unsettling times, armies look to their greatest personalities for leadership and guidance. How will they face their enemies under the threat of magical annihilation? Can they tame the winds? Can they harness them against their foes?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Vessel of the Winds, the fourth Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Drawing strength from the Winds of Magic

The sixty cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards) of Vessel of the Winds bolster each race with unique units and Attachments. These leaders and objects inspire troops to find new reserves of power. Meanwhile, other units arrive ready to risk their lives on daring quests to advance their army’s strategies, and the Orcs, Dark Elves, and Undead seek means of uniting the tribes, subverting their enemies’ fighting spirit, and achieving immortality.

Some of the new units and Attachments in Vessel of the Winds give themselves to the Chaos of magic… and draw power from it. Amid the gathering storms, the Chaos Daemons Xirat’p (Vessel of the Winds, 72) and P’tarix (Vessel of the Winds, 73) work at Tzeentch’s bidding to record every known spell.

Each of these unique Daemons can fuel a good number of combinations. Xirat’p combines well with the Lord of Change (March of the Damned, 21). Together, they grant you multiple options to deal with the top card of your deck. You can leave it alone, you can play it as though it were in your hand with the Lord of Change’s ability, or you can corrupt Xirat’p to play a Spell or Epic Spell for its loyalty cost instead of its resource cost. Finally, you can corrupt Xirat’p for his ability simply to discard the card if you can’t make use of it and need to filter your draw.

Simultaneously, P’tarix can grant you knowledge of the top card of your deck, knowledge which you can use in conjunction with the Dark Elves or Greenskins to rain destruction upon the Old World. Xirat’p can convert your most expensive Spells or Epic Spells to raw power with a Dark Blessing (Fiery Dawn, 116), and he lets you gamble more effectively with the abilities of Goblins like the Night Goblin Fanatic (Chaos Moon, 24) and the Sneaky Git (Signs in the Stars, 64).

The greatest use you’ll get of the two magic-minded Daemons, though, comes from partnering their abilities. When you play Spells or Epic Spells for only their loyalty cost, it becomes far easier to burn an opponent’s zone with a Cacophonic Scream (Arcane Fire, 12), or even to gain the advantages of another destructive blast of magic. Destroy all your opponent’s units with Da Brainbursta’ (Arcane Fire, 18) for only three resources. Or if you don’t feel like annihilating your opponent’s units, simply steal them until the end of the turn with Your Will is Mine (Arcane Fire, 15).

Closer to Chaos

No army in the Old World can hope to win its wars without recourse to magic, but the winds are difficult to control. After all, they flow from the Realm of Chaos.

The legends, Heroes, and tacticians of Vessel of the Winds must consider carefully their use of magic while the winds howl around them. Look for them to seek new ways to assault their enemies’ capitals and fortify their own when Vessel of the Winds arrives at retailers everywhere late in the second quarter of 2012!

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