Chaos Reigns at the Rising Dawn

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


“Ultimately we shall win the war. Every head hewn from neck, every drop of blood spilt, makes Khorne stronger regardless of whom it is that dies in the dirt. You cannot win, for to fight us is to give us power.”     –Khagras, Horselord of Khorne

Sweeping down from the icy north, marauder horsemen range ahead of the main Chaos army to flank their opponents, cutting off both support and escape. These fierce warriors are often the first to blood their blades in battle, and even the most able of the Old World’s horsemen find it difficult to match their speed and mobility.

Now, the Rising Dawn approaches, along with the increased rewards for questing The Bloodquest Cycle promises to bring to Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. But what the other races build up, the minions of Chaos can tear down. Accordingly, their Mounted Marauders (Rising Dawn, 12) ride ahead of the main hordes to cut off enemy support. When your Mounted Marauders survive any attack they launch against an opponent’s capital, your opponent must sacrifice a support card or a quest from the attacked zone.

No escape. No recourse.

Mounted Marauders are the first card in Warhammer: Invasion that can force the sacrifice of a quest card. And the forces of Chaos couldn’t dream of a better time for them to charge into action.

Already, the top decks at the World and European Championships have made great use of quests, respectively building around Offering to Hekarti (The Fourth Waystone, 97) and Ancient Debts Repaid (Bleeding Sun, 5). But in the coming months, The Bloodquest Cycle promises to introduce strong material rewards for questing, and it’s likely we’ll see powerful quests like Heroic Task (Rising Sun, 20) forming the backbone of decks for every faction, not just the Dark Elves and Dwarfs.

Thus, Chaos responds by sending the Mounted Marauders to hunt down questing units and, better yet, burn quests to ash. It’s true that your opponent may choose to sacrifice a support card in the zone rather than sacrifice his quest, but in order to make that choice, he’d have to have the support card. At four cost (and two loyalty), the Mounted Marauders aren’t cheap, but they can easily enter play by the second turn, ready to ride at your opponent’s quest zone. This means you can put great pressure on your opponent from early in the game. Not only are you attacking a zone for two damage each time the Mounted Marauders ride to battle, but you’re forcing the ruination of all your opponent seeks to build in that zone.

The best recourse your opponent has, of course, is to destroy the Marauders. They only force the sacrifice of a support card or quest if they survive their assault. However, Chaos has plenty of tricks to deal with would-be defenders. With Seduced by Darkness (Core Set, 99), the Sorcerer of Tzeentch (The Twin Tailed Comet, 53), and other cards, the armies of Chaos possess some of the game’s greatest unit control.

Unleash the devastation

The Mounted Marauders charge forward with the Rising Dawn. Look for these Warriors to arrive soon to the field of battle and help Chaos more fully destroy everything the forces of Order would create.

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