7 February 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

A Hero to Serve The Imperial Throne

A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game spotlight


Many mighty heroes, powerful wizards and great leaders have influenced the history of the Empire. Their names are passed on from one generation to the next in myths and legends, sung by wandering minstrels at the courts of the Counts, or recited to grandchildren at bedtime. These stories form the core of the Empire’s identity as a nation.     –Warhammer: The Empire, “Heroes of the Empire”

Each Battle Pack thus far released for The Capital Cycle has introduced a new Hero to the raging conflicts of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and each has offered its race new tactical advantages.

From playing units for free and attacking from zones other than the battlefield to destroying Fortifications and returning developments to their owners’ hands, the Heroes of The Capital Cycle work well both as the centerpieces of decks built around them and as powerful agents who lend their individual strength and abilities to decks with other focuses.

The Imperial Throne continues this theme, introducing Werner Ludenhof (The Imperial Throne, 104), a bold and industrious Hero willing to undertake the most perilous of quests in the name of the Empire.

Cards when you need them

A true man and trusted agent of the Empire, Werner Ludenhof specializes in uncovering his enemies’ secrets and in discovering key tactical information. For just three resources and three loyalty cost (meaning he’ll rarely see play on the first turn, but may often see play on the second), Werner Ludenhof offers three power while questing. This astonishing ratio of power to resource cost makes Werner Ludenhof a Hero you’ll likely want to play early each game, in order to best accelerate your card draw. Thus, if you play him in your deck, you’ll likely want to include a full three copies.

The many trials of Werner Ludenhof

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever needed to play a unit to your quest zone that you had intended to assign to a quest, only to draw your quest a turn too late, you’ll appreciate Werner Ludenhof’s unique ability to move onto a quest you control.

Normally, to assign a unit to a quest, you must first play the quest, then play the unit to the unoccupied quest. This means the order of the draw takes on a good degree of importance. You must draw and play the quest before the unit you wish to play to it. Certainly, you can draw another unit and play the second unit to the quest instead of the one you’d hoped to play, but if you’re in danger of wearing through your draw deck, you may not want the extra power in your quest zone. Or you may simply need the second unit’s power and hit points to bolster another zone, leaving you with no unit to assign to the quest.

Werner Ludenhof gives you a small degree of freedom from this standard order of play. Furthermore, he can move between quests. You could play him to a quest such as Forges of Nuln (Redemption of a Mage, 67) to lower the cost of your support cards and then shift him onto Protect the Empire (Arcane Fire, 5) when you need him to defend one of your zones. In fact, if Werner Ludenhof is anywhere on the table, he can simply take an action to Protect the Empire, moving from any zone onto the quest to lend his strength to the Empire’s defense.

Destined for glory

As The Imperial Throne heralds the climactic conclusion of The Capital Cycle, we start to look forward to The Bloodquest Cycle, where Werner Ludenhof is likely to shine. Given the cycle’s focus on quests and the powerful new Artefacts and other material rewards for completed quests, units like Werner Ludenhof, who excel in the quest zone, are likely to see a lot of play. Each player will have to choose whether he wants the ability to take a mulligan or if he wants his units to undertake a Heroic Task (Rising Dawn, 20) in order to gain immediate access to any one card set aside from his deck. Werner Ludenhof may not provide the answer, but he’ll certainly factor into the decision.

Look for Werner Ludenhof to ride to the Empire’s defense when The Imperial Throne releases later this month. Until then, share your comments on this and other Battle Packs from The Capital Cycle in our community forums.

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