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The 2012 FFG World Championships will be held November 9-11 in Roseville, MN

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce an important step in our efforts to build a bigger, better, more energetic, and more truly global community!

This year, the FFG World Championships for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, Dust Tactics, Dust Warfare, Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, and X-Wing will take place November 9 – 11 in Roseville, Minnesota.

Bringing the “world” to our World Championships

The FFG World Championship Weekend represents a hallmark moment in our Organized Play programs. While Gen Con Indy has been and will continue to be a fantastic venue for our games, our tournament participants in Indianapolis have historically been almost entirely North American.

Moving our FFG World Championships to Roseville, Minnesota better allows us to host champions from other nations and foster a truly global event. In 2012, participants at the FFG World Championships will be able to meet and compete against the world’s best players for each of our games.

We’re thrilled to announce that our partners from France, Germany, and Spain are arranging to send their national champions to compete in the FFG World Championships! We will update this list as it grows.

Championship events

Join the hallowed ranks of previous World Champions or stamp your legacy into our new games.

Each of these tournaments is open to the general public. Regional champions for each game win free entry to the weekend as well as first round byes.

Players compete for the Iron Throne in “the only game that matters!” The FFG World Championships bring fans of A Game of Thrones a double dose of Westeros’ epic battles and subtle intrigues with the Melee and Joust World Championships, and one player will rise above them all to win the title of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Overall World Champion.

The Ancient Ones exert their growing influence upon our world as investigators and cultists compete for the eldritch artifacts needed to banish them to distant realms or herald the end days. Confront supernatural terrors and the best players in the world in the Call of Cthulhu World Championship.

Axis, Allied, and SSU forces command powerful combat walkers and battle over the rare power source VK in Dust Tactics! Assemble your troops and prepare for a campaign that is sure to test your mettle. When the dust clears, only one general can claim the title of Dust Tactics World Champion.

The massive VK-fueled engines of destruction from Paolo Parente’s rich world of Dust come to life on the battlefields of Dust Warfare, the intense tabletop miniatures game of alternate 1940s reality World War II combat between Axis, Allied, and SSU forces! This is your chance to become a part of history as the winner of the first ever Dust Warfare World Championship.

Deploy your most powerful starfighters for the X-Wing World Championship! In this tournament, Rebel X-wings clash with Imperial TIE fighters in cinematic space battles. Select your ships, craft your plan of attack, and complete your mission of becoming the best squadron leader in the galaxy.

It’s war without end in Warhammer: Invasion. The nations of the Old World nurse ancient grudges, and the forces of Order clash against the forces of Destruction in the fast and furious battles of the Warhammer: Invasion World Championship!

North American and European Championships

As the attendance of our championship-level events has grown, we have looked for a way to better showcase the best players for our LCGs and miniatures games at a venue where we could best focus our attention on the world-class participants of these events. Now, the time is right to launch the FFG World Championship Weekend and create the most engaging championship experience possible.

Hosting a single FFG World Championship Weekend for our competitive games gives us the opportunity to focus our energies more fully, ensuring that participants will enjoy greater support for the games they love. We can direct more time, more staff, and more energy to this event, and we expect it to be an exciting, positive, and memorable experience.

The addition of this new top-tier event to our yearly schedule finally affords us the chance to add another premier competition to our North American Championship events at Gen Con Indy and the numerous Championship tournaments held across Europe.

Come join us November 9 – 11 in Roseville, Minnesota for the FFG World Championship Weekend. Until then, keep an eye on our FFG World Championship Weekend website for future updates regarding this exciting event!

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