4 December 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Faith and Steel

Announcing the Final Battle Pack in the Eternal War Cycle


“The Dwarfs were not defenceless. The ancient tales tell how Grungni taught them how to inscribe magical runes onto their weapons and armour. He armed Grimnir with two mighty axes and armour harder than the bones of mountains.”     –Warhammer: Dwarfs

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Faith and Steel, the final Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Men of the Empire band together against the hordes of Chaos and the other forces of Destruction clawing at their borders. As the sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards) from Faith and Steel bring the forces of Order and Destruction to the battlefield for a cataclysmic confrontation, the Empire gains strength from its Mages, supports, and the legendary Balthazar Gelt (Faith and Steel, 101). Will they be enough to fend off all the amassed Daemons, Dragons, and Orcs? It is a desperate time, and rumors tell that the end times have come. Still, the Men of the Empire do not stand alone. Faith and Steel introduces new tactics for the High Elves and Dwarfs, as well as new units willing to defend their kingdoms even unto death.

With the fate of the Old World at stake, Faith and Steel ushers the new Eternal War keywords, Ambush and Raider, into the cycle’s final battles. Will tricks and traps and superior tactics win the day? Or will one army rise to power, backed only by the sheer, brute strength of its units?

Fearless in Battle

Throughout the Eternal War cycle, each of the game’s races receives a tactic or support card that bolsters Trait-based decks. In Faith and Steel, the boost comes to the Dwarfs’ Slayer trait.

Fearless in Battle (Faith and Steel, 107) is a thematic tactic that reinforces the reckless nature of those disgraced Dwarfs who leave their strongholds and wander the wilds in search of battles that may lead to a glorious death. And in a deck that features multiple slayers, this tactic can pack a surprising wallop. Slayers lead such aggressive lives that you can be sure any who survive for any period of time are exceptionally violent and tough. While the bonus to combat damage that Fearless in Battle grants is a boon, especially if you can fill your battlefield with units like the Vengeful Slayer (Faith and Steel, 105), the Toughness it grants is likely to prove the greater benefit.

One point of Toughness may not look like much, but because it comes from a Tactic, you can stack it on an action chain after your opponent takes an action he’s sure will kill your unit. Whether you use it to frustrate a hungry Blood Dragon Knight (Legends, 53) or survive a Sorcerer of Tzeentch (The Twin Tailed Comet, 53), a single point of Toughness can turn the tide of a game. You can even use it aggressively in combination with Lure Them Out (Assault on Ulthuan, 45) to ensure battlefield dominance.

In the end, Fearless in Battle is a heavily thematic card that’s great for fans of those psychopathically dangerous Dwarf Slayers and that offers some interesting twists to Dwarf decks in general. In Faith and Steel, it pairs with the Vengeful Slayer and another Slayer that further supports the Eternal War cycle’s focus on the battlefield by providing some unit-driven support control.

Look for these new Dwarf Slayers to rush into battle, along with the other combat-focused units of Faith and Steel, when the Battle Pack arrives in the first quarter of 2013!

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