He Who Opens the Twilight Gate

The Hall of Heroes Celebrates The 2012 Call of Cthulhu World Champion

“He knew that he was close to one of the gates which a few audacious, abhorred, and alien-souled men have blasted through titan walls betwixt the world and the outside absolute.”     –H.P. Lovecraft with E. Hoffmann Price, “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”

Who or what is Tom Capor? Have portals cracked between the realms and permitted terrifying beings from beyond to exert their influence over our world? Has one such being begun to reveal himself to the cultists and investigators of Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game? Is this Tom Capor’s secret? Is he the avatar of an Ancient One? A servitor? Is he a heroic and independent agent working to prevent such horrific entities from entering this reality? Or is he just a dreamer playing in a world of fancy and changing it with his will?

November’s World Championship Tournament for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game may not have truly answered these questions, but they answered one question with authority. “Can Tom Capor be stopped?” The answer: “Not this year.”

Today, the Hall of Heroes celebrates Tom Capor, the 2012 Call of Cthulhu World Champion, as well as his unbroken and unparalleled streak of four straight World Championship Titles.

2012 Call of Cthulhu World Champion Tom Capor

2012 Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game World Champion, Tom Capor

At the FFG World Championship Weekend in November, Tom Capor added to his legacy of greatness with his fourth Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game World Championship.

In the World Championship Finals, Tom Capor played against three-time European Champion Graham Hill in a dream match-up of two of the game’s greatest players. Despite the epic nature of the pairing, Tom was able to find all the right answers to Graham’s challenges and won in just ten short minutes.

Tom shared his insights into the match:

“Things simply went my way, and they did so immediately. It started with winning the ability to go first and a first hand containing a Twilight Gate (Twilight Horror, 12) and domain acceleration for a second turn Nyarlathotep (Journey to Unknown Kadath, 117). I was in great shape.

I followed my turn two Nyarly with a turn three Nodens (Kingsport Dreams, 36) in an attempt to clear the board, but Graham chose, instead, to drain all of his remaining domains to save his team via Professor of Folklore (Ebla Restored, 48). This gave me my second chance to contest stories unopposed, allowing me to end my turn with three, three, and four success tokens among the three story cards and both Nyarlathotep and Nodens at the ready.

It was here that Graham realized his impending doom. He made one last attempt to win a story. Then, on the following turn, I sent a character to each story for the win. With no one to block and my Pushed into the Beyond (Touched by the Abyss, 109) ready for any of his surprise defenders, Graham offered me his hand and his congratulations.”

Tom Capor playing in the preliminary rounds of the 2012 World Championship

Tom’s 2012 World Championship Deck

Given the nickname, “Dinner,” Tom’s deck is designed to accelerate quickly to four resources under a single domain, then spawn a horde of nasty, icon-rich characters that allow him to outmuscle and outmaneuver his foes.

Characters (38): 2x Basil Elton 3x Black Dog 1x Corrupted Midwife 2x Displaced Cthonian 3x Facless Abductor 2x Glaaki 3x Grasping Cthonian 3x Hungry Dark Young 3x Many-angled Thing 2x Master of the Myths 3x The Mother’s Hand 1x Nodens 2x Nyarlathotep 3x Stalking Hounds 3x Twilight Cannibal 2x Y’Glonac

Events (11): 2x Broken Space, Broken Time 3x Feed Her Young 3x Pushed into the Beyond 3x Twilight Gate

Support (1): 1x Under the Porch

Beyond the Portal

Tom said that the win was “huge” and meant a lot to him. It isn’t every day that a three-time World Champion faces off against a three-time European Champion, and Tom wanted to offer his thanks to all involved:

  • To my family for their support.
  • To my “local” playgroup: Mike Mazur, Chevee Dodd, Rhett Jenkins, and Ryan Boosel
  • To Ron Kotwica, owner of Mr. Nice Guy Games, for allowing us to play
  • To FFG for holding a wonderful event and for the surprise copy of the new Star Wars™: The Card Game Core Set
  • To my fellow competitors – it is always a pleasure to see you all!

In closing, Tom encourages all you cultists and investigators to participate in next year’s Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game World Championships. “I encourage anyone and everyone to attend next year. Be it for fun, learning, or to meet old and new friends, you’ll be sure to have a great time, and it is well worth the trip, regardless of whether you’re a grizzled vet or a fun-loving new player.”

Tom Capor with his 2012 World Championship trophy

Congratulations to Tom Capor, our 2012 Call of Cthulhu World Champion! You can learn more about Tom Capor at his place of honor on FFG’s website.

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