13 December 2012 | Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Who Is the Black Cowl?

The Reimagined Classic WFRP Campaign, The Enemy Within, Is Now Available


The reimagined classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, The Enemy Within, is now available at local retailers everywhere and online on our webstore!

The original version of The Enemy Within stands as one of the game’s greatest adventures. Indeed, some rate it among the greatest roleplaying adventures of all time. First released in 1986 for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition, it consisted of a slim volume containing equal parts background information, game-mastering advice, and an included adventure that formed the introduction to a six-part series that was developed and released over the following three years.

Though it couldn’t have existed without that original campaign, this is not a new edition of that classic adventure. This is a complete reimagining. Veteran game authors Graeme Davis (Shadows over Bögenhafen, The Edge of Night) and Dave Allen (The Gathering Storm, Journey to Black Fire Pass) have used The Enemy Within to summon the spirit of the classic while introducing a brand new story drawn from the original’s most engaging themes and concepts.

Told over three adventures (The Enemy Below, The Enemy Without, and The Enemy Within), The Enemy Within contains enough material for more than thirty sessions and takes heroes from their humble beginnings to the later stages of their careers, where they must fulfill their destinies as fate’s champions. Truly adventurous players can even extend the story into epic terrain with an optional epilogue that utilizes the rules from Hero’s Call.

The Black Cowl

A sinister figure stands poised to take advantage of the period of uncertainty prompted by the death of Marius Leitdorf, the former Elector of Averland. Slain in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, Leitdorf left no clear heir. Now, this villain conspires with the enemies of the Empire to manipulate the succession for his own advantage.

Who is this “Black Cowl”? And what ties has he forged between the merchants of Altdorf and cults dedicated to the Ruinous Powers?

The Black Cowl is the main villain of The Enemy Within. He and his web of powerful allies, the Conspiracy, have very sinister plans for the Empire and for any heroes who would seek to interfere!

The Enemy Within keeps the Black Cowl’s mystery fresh by offering GMs an unprecedented measure of control over the central antagonist’s secret identity. While the campaign presumes that one of a limited number of notable NPCs is the Black Cowl, it was written with deliberate ambiguity, to allow the GM to modify details as necessary and plant clues implicating or exonerating these characters. Sidebars included throughout the campaign provide the GM with some suggestions for how to modify the campaign when a specific NPC is the Black Cowl, but the campaign affords GMs an even wider range options than the sidebars suggest. With extensive improvisation and rewriting, the GM can name the Black Cowl from a much larger cast of suspects, and the Black Cowl’s threat sheet works to modify the threat that any NPC would pose.

Save the Empire

An alarming series of events has taken place in Averheim. People have gone missing and been found dead as rumours suggest a new criminal boss is violently establishing his position. Nobles and other important people throughout the Empire speak of something sinister gathering influence and strength, and the uncertainty surrounding the open Electoral position does little to reassure them.

As these developments set Averheim on edge, the strength of Chaos is being gathered and set to a new purpose, and The Enemy Within follows the stories of those heroes who step into the webs of this growing conspiracy. Their adventures will take them far to the north and into the heart of the Empire. They will be both catspaw and foil. They will be embroiled in politics and war. And they alone can discover the Black Cowl’s identity and save the Empire.

The Enemy Within is now available. Head to your local retailer today to pick up your copy, or order it online from our webstore!

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