10 December 2012 | Arkham Horror

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The Updated Arkham Horror FAQ Is Now Available


The librarian said something that McGlen couldn’t hear—the explosion was still ringing in his ears. Once the smoke cleared, he saw the safe door hanging loosely from its hinges. “See? I know explosives. Everything inside is fine.” The big man could barely finish his sentence before Daisy pushed past him.

Daisy recognized the ancient book’s bindings instantly. “It’s here,” she gasped. McGlen still couldn’t hear her. She shouted, “It’s here, you big lug! It’s the one we’ve been looking for!”

A new tome has been unearthed which will provide vital information to the brave investigators struggling to prevent the return of the Ancient Ones. The Arkham Horror FAQ provides errata, clarifications, and the answers to several frequently-asked questions for the Arkham Horror and all of its expansions.

This thorough document can be downloaded as one complete file or each product’s FAQ may be downloaded individually.

A Word from the Producer

Producer Tim Uren offered a few words about the newly updated FAQ:

Much has happened since the last update to the Arkham Horror FAQ, including the release of no fewer than seven expansions. With each new addition to the line of Arkham Horror products, not only have more rules and components been added, but the game itself has evolved. Clarifications that were unnecessary when the game was released now carry great significance. And of course with the addition of new rules and hundreds of new components, unexpected conflicts and strange situations inevitably pop up.

This update to the FAQ was compiled to address these issues for players, whether they play with just the Arkham Horror Board Game, add one favorite expansion, or use every product in the catalog. The assembly of this document was no small feat and many thanks go to the players who have been tirelessly struggling against the Ancient Ones for so many years. The madness you have suffered is a small price to pay to keep the world safe.

Thanks Tim! The newly updated all-in-one Arkham Horror FAQ (pdf, 24.7 MB) and all of the product-specific FAQs can be downloaded on the Support page for Arkham Horror.


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