20 November 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

Greedy Dwarfs and Oaths of Vengeance

A Warhammer: Invasion Spotlight by Guest Writer Torsten Krämer


The Old World is now deep in the grip of Eternal War, the newest cycle of Battle Packs for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Recently, players got their hands on the first pack in the cycle, Days of Blood, and its early exploration of the new Ambush and Raider keywords. Then, in our announcement of The Ruinous Hordes, we introduced a new Dwarf strategy based around the number of resources you have in your pool.

Today, guest writer Torsten Krämer takes another look at this colorful and counter-intuitive mechanic with a preview of the Karak Hirn Warrior (Oaths of Vengeance, 25).

Torsten Krämer on the Karak Hirn Warrior

Units with the new Raider keyword, introduced in the Eternal War cycle, let you gain resources whenever they survive an attack. How useful is this? By the time you get these resources your capital phase is long over, but you can use them to play tactics or trigger abilities at the end of your turn, during your opponent’s turn, or at the beginning of your next turn. In other words, though the resource generation from Raider may sometimes go to waste, in the right deck it can be awesome. And it is a great way to gain the resources you need to use the cycle’s other new keyword, Ambush.

But do you really need to build your deck around tactics and expensive triggered abilities to benefit from your Raiders? Certainly not if you’re playing a Dwarf deck. As we saw earlier, the Eternal War cycle introduces a new theme for our bearded friends built around unspent resources; let’s call it greed. Throughout the Eternal War cycle, the Dwarfs get a number of cards that become better while you have resources available in your pool. You don't need to do anything with them; you just need to have them in your pool – the more, the better.

The Karak Hirn Warrior is the first card fitting this theme. Don’t need all your resources during your capital phase? Save them, and let your Warriors attack from any zone. Or you can spend all but one, then attack with a Raider unit like Veteran Thunderers (Days of Blood, 5), and all your Karak Hirn Warriors will be ready to defend all of your zones. Either way, you’ll still be able to use these resources at the end of your opponent’s turn or at the start of your next one. Maybe you can even trick your opponent into thinking you’re just saving them to enable your Karak Hirn Warriors, then use them to play the ace tactic you’ve been holding up your sleeve.

Dwarfs’ greed knows no bounds. Accordingly, in Oaths of Vengeance, you will find not only the Karak Hirn Warrior, but two other Dwarf cards that let you gain resources outside of your kingdom phase. Resources are too valuable to a race as greedy as the Dwarfs for them to rely upon their Raider alone.

…Meanwhile, even as the Eternal War cycle introduces new themes like greed, it reinforces old ones, too. I’ve always enjoyed playing the Orcs and using their self-damage theme. Sadly, I've almost always suffered losses with them because the benefits just didn’t outweigh the costs. However, it’ll soon be time to give those masochistic Orcs another go because they’re about to gain a couple of great new cards. Want a taste? Get Outta My Way! (Oaths of Vengeance, 32) is a nasty surprise for your opponent. It allows your ragged band of scarred and bleeding Orcs to mop the floor with his shiny, undamaged…and harmless…units.

Thanks, Torsten!

Get ready for greedy Dwarfs and rampaging Orcs to soon swear their Oaths of Vengeance. What other themes will this battle-hardened Battle Pack bring to your games of Warhammer: Invasion? Keep your eyes peeled for future previews and announcements!

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