16 November 2012 | Organized Play

Organized Play in 2013

Download our Organized Play Calendar for the 2013 Event Year

The 2012 event year broke all previous records for participation in FFG’s Organized Play program, and we are happy to announce that we have even bigger plans for next year!

This last year has been one of growth and enthusiasm. We set new records for participation in our Regional Championship Tournaments, we added another level of top-tier competition to our calendar with the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy, and our FFG World Championship Weekend saw many of the best players from both North America and Europe vying for glory while the world was able to watch the event via live streaming. Moreover, we’ve added energy and depth to our Organized Play program with the addition of three new games: Android: Netrunner, Dust Warfare, and X-Wing™.

Now, as we look forward to next year’s Organized Play events, we’re pleased to inform you that 2013 promises to be even bigger, better, and more dynamic!

The 2013 OP Calendar

Among the steps we’re taking to grow and mature our Organized Play program, we’re making the 2013 Organized Play event calendar available for download (pdf, 1.2 MB). 

Our Organized Play audience is larger than ever and looks to grow again with the addition of Star Wars™: The Card Game. Accordingly, we’re pleased to present the 2013 event calendar, which includes the registration dates for the 2013 Regional Championship season as well as the dates for the Regional, North American, and World Championship events that we’ll be hosting in person. This year, players will have more time than ever to start planning their trips to our Championship events, so come join us!

Meanwhile, we’ve listened to your feedback on our Game Night Kits, and our new Kits are going to be better than ever. In order to ensure greater quality and consistency, we’ve also re-examined our Game Night calendar and divided it into three Game Night Seasons, instead of quarters. Game Night Kits will be made available to retailers by the first date of each Game Night season, and you can find those seasons indicated on the 2013 calendar.

This last year broke all our records for Organized Play, but we still expect to grow through 2013. Download the Organized Play event calendar, and see what the future holds in store!

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